Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

Dear family,
That is super cool that Jace got a deer!! It looks like that him is a better shoot than Jackson and I. That is sweet that you got your DLM. I don't really need anything for Christmas... Dallor store stuff haha. I will think. what I need to do is start saving up so I can buy you guys stuff. Marie is old enough to hunt!!! She Is 12 that is crazy. oh man Dad you missed? :) that is crazy. I am proud of myself because when the 10th Of October came around I didn't notice until the next day the hunting season for Deer had opened. yeah Mom, you got lucky that it was Columbus day just kidding. We are doing really good here in Mercedes we are working hard on finding because a lot of the people we were working with dropped off. Also it really has been a month that Kenna and Alex got married. I also am going to send my boots home and I have presents in there for you too. I have picked up the family history and it is super awesome. I am not very good at it but on the internet I was able to find Grandma Trudy's dad. I had to drive way down deep into the pit of my memory to remember Grandma telling my about her dad and what is full name was. She probably told me when Jenny, Her, And I were on are way to hunting camp in the White van With Shania Twain blasting in the back ground. oh don't forget the heat blasting too for Jenny. I do family history because we have an hour to that kind of stuff once a week. time for a funny story! So yesterday we were at a members house the Cuadra's and it is a Mom, Dad, and one of their Daughters whose is about 28 years old. Well so we went to have dinner at their house and they are a cool family and then they were talking about the feeding Chart to sign up to feed the missionaries. Well you know how the English sometimes has its own twist in ever family on how you speak worse for down here. Well the don't pronounce the ch very well so the word came out to be Shart like Tara's Brad would say. When they said it I was like the what? So they keep telling us how sometimes the missionaries don't see the shart and how a member in relief Society explained how it worked to everyone. While this was happening I sat very casual with my hand over my mounth as if I was leaning forward more to paid attention better. Then I looked over at my companion and he was struggling to hold it all in. Afterward we died of laughter together. I repeated what they said to make it my funny. I know we are like little kids but it was way too crazy. Though I would share that story with you. I will think more on what I need for Christmas but I can't like of anything right now? How about a freshly chopped down Christmas tree form the mountains? That would be the best thing? :) Wait it snowed what is that? Down here the closest thing we get to snow is ice-cream, in Spanish snow is Nieve which is also used from saying ice-cream, down here but only down here. because I spoke to Sister Maluanda once, It was at a Zone meeting at lunch time and asked it she wanted Nieve and she though I was asking her if she wanted snow but I was saying Ice-cream because they were passing out ice-cream and they were sitting at the same table so that is the closest thing we have to snow down here. It snow about 10 years ago about an inch or so and everyone talks about it. we also talked to a member who is 30 and she has never seen a mountain before. I about died when she said that. Love you so much stay safe!! :)

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