Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

That is so good that the weather was good!! I am so happy that they are happy!! I love the color too!! Green and Yellow they are my favorites. We have been having so much rain and it is so green now it was brown like 3 weeks ago!! I have been running out of clothes because I have been getting so wet. It is because the apartments have 2 washers and 2 dryers and it cost a dollar in quarters to run each and we all know that I am way to cheap so I wait to make one big load and get the clothes back. I had to use one shirt twice and one pair of socks twice haha opps. It wasn't too bad. Not to scare you but a hurricane is headed for Mexico well I am also in Mexico so it will hit us a little at least the rain and winds some what it is in the golf gathering power. Mom I know that you are glued to the computer watching if it is going to head here but don't worry we are on the top apartment and they are made out of good heavy bricks and if not the our church just across the street is super super strong made out of center blocks and has everything we need. It is super small and low to the ground and has survived tons of hurricanes that is where the members go here in Mercedes. We are suppose to get 3-5 inches of rain!! Wahhoo I love the rain!! I also love riding in the rain in my bike a splash through the puddles because I am already wet so have fun. I fixed my bike so that is good. I am learning a lot about bikes and getting faster at fixing them. There was a double rainbow and I took a picture but forgot my camera today. I love the pictures of the wedding that is super awesome. On Friday I woke up and then when we were studying my companion told me hey your sister is getting married today!! Oh crap she is!!! I hit my forehead in denial and for being silly that I forgot. Then I said a prayer for them and it was good. I can't believe how big Ruby is!! That is so cwazy! Also Kenna looked like a princess for a Disney fairy-tale movie!! I am enjoying the work and am learning and growing a ton. I love this area a never want to leave! I think that I am getting a little bit back in shape from being on the bike? Well I hope so? What was the question that you asked in the bottom of the email I didn't understand? also will I be able to get another shirt from Missionary Mall? Well I can't thing of any new or different things? I love my companion a ton and we get alone really well. He is learning and growing so much. well Tuesday we had to ride to an appointment with an investigator and a member was coming and there was an inundation in the road. so It was so much fun plowing through it in the bikes to get there and when we got there we where wet head to toe. I love you and miss you a ton!! I am learning big a fancy words in English because so Spanish words are about the same to them however, the down fall is my English gets bad sometimes when the Spanish goes up. good Thing Spanish Is written how it sounds which saves me because I go back to sounds out the word out loud and writing it as it is say. The good thing is I asked our ward missionary leader whose is from Mexico and served in California as an English and Spanish missionary if sometimes it was hard to understand the Spanish here and he laughed and said yes. Thing of it as Swamp people Spanish. Just how Mom and I would watch Swamp People with Dad and he couldn't understand them. Sometimes it is like that here so it makes you a super good listener! :) I am rambling because I have more time but I am out of things to write if you couldn't tell? I love you guys so much and can feel of your love always. I have been bitten but a dog yet but I have kids to big ones chasing me on the bike and I kicked one so hard in the face a knocked it down to make it sit on its butt that was fun. Miss you and love you!!
LOVe, Elder Wilding

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