Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

That is good to hear that everyone is doing good and staying busy love it and the time passes fast. :) Don't fell bad I wasn't sad or hurt that I didn't hear from you. I got  the announcement of Kenna and Alex and got over whelmed for a couple seconds just kidding the time passes so fast I didn't expect it in the mail so soon. I am glad that Grandma is doing good. How is great grandma doing I was on myfamilyhistory.org and it said she is still living so that is good. :) I also want to know if my car is dead or still working? :) Oh man oh did Kenna hurt her back? :/ This week went super fast that it was crazy. The rain isn't has bad as it has been up there. Wow last winter you had tons of snow now this crazy weather! Tell Melissa that the Equator is changing with the seasons too. :P haha I love my companion he is improving in Spanish so well and fast and it makes me so proud of him. He tells me he wants me to take him hunting after the mission well teach him how. Speaking oh hunting we when to the Lyle house on Sunday, A member in the other Elders area to eat with them, and they are a pure white-big Mormon family living down here. Think of our cousins house in Mud lake and that is their home and land. But he got to taking about hunting because he found out that I loved it and he kills 200 animals a year down here and his stories of hunting were out of this world!! I felt like the Amish kids at the house of Kim and Penny watching the TV!! they were crazy stories about pigs and pig attacks and how big they are!! It was awesome! Tell JJ that I got her letter and the pictures and loved them. My companion loved the big moose one. Haha he also say that Michael has a cute little tummy:) Jk  I forgot the camera connection so no pictures sorry. So I want to tell you and embarrassing story I am only telling you if you can be mature and also because I think the story that Mike told us when he was on his mission and Pooped his pants trying to make a blue dart Is worse. However, I sense I started to be in this area and on the bike almost anywhere we go. I had developed a rash thing down there. I tried everything to relief the pain and burning and itching but nothing would work. One Elder had so jock itch stuff that helped a bit. I held of for a while to call Sister Maluenda to tell her so I could get something to help I was way to embarrassed to call her and explain it to her in Spanish. So I texted her the best I could looking up the right words and then sent it and about 5 minutes later she called and I about died my companion said hey she is calling us and I ran in the bathroom and locked it so I didn't have to answer it. I felt like Mellissa as I did it. So I opened the door and answer it and she asked me where the rash was. I responded that I don't really want to say it and don't know the correct way to say it in Spanish. She laughed and took it very well. While I was dying and my face was bright red and could speak Spanish I was to nervous. Long story sort I had to text it to her in English sop she could send it to the area doctor and then he called us. Also had to talk to her about going to the dentist my companion has to cavities. You can take this story out before you put it on the blog. If you want I don't care. So that happened and I just needed to go to the store and buy cream that would help stop it. It is working so don't worry. So now on the more spiritual side of this we had a lesson last night with our investigator Jesse that has nothing and is going through a super rough time and has no family here and we taught it to him last night and the spirit was so strong in the lesson and he reads the bible and knew so key points that helped us testify of the Word of our Heavenly Father pushing forward to all the earth. He knew the scripture that says something like go forth baptizing in the name of the father of the son and the holy ghost. We shared the first vision and right after that teas were in his eyes and he said that he believed it. He wanted to know if it was true and his said a prayer to know if it was true and receive and answer the spirit was so strong it felled his little one bedroom house with power. The house that my companion and I had to climb through the window to get in because the door was locked don't worry he told us to do it. So it you don't remember my companion is 6 6' and played college football as a quarter back and he got stuck in the window and couldn't get through and I was already in and he was struggling trying to do it by himself and I turned around and saw his hands on the floor trying to craw in and the blind stuck on his butt bahaha I was all I could to not die or laughter. As he got in and on his feet he looked at me with the funniest face and said that was hard. Can you tell I got the computer with spell check this time? Yes!! :) I am loving the mission and learning more and more about the gospel. That is super cool that Lazy Lex went through the temple. oh yes if you want to send me the clip outs that is fine. I know that I am blessed with the best family in the world that loves me so much!! I can fell you prayers and love for my companion and I everyday I love you a ton and pray for ya and miss ya. Anything that you need me to do any thing you want to know or write more about or to write about. If you can't tell I sit at the computer and write whatever my brain throws up at the keyboard. So just tell me if you want to know about anything? Love you so much
Elder Wilding

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