Monday, September 30, 2013

September 23, 2013

More fun stories!! First lets talk about the wreck!! Haha So we leave the apartment right after district meeting or something like that and we go to our first appoinment that is a set on with one of our investigators. To know a little bit about him he loves the Elders and always prays for us to have a safty on the bikes. So we start to head to his house and we get on the main road to shoot us up to his house and I notice that my gears and not working so I start changing them back and forth to see if they will slip the cable and start working cuz the cable wouldn't go. so We start going I am riding in the back of course 1st reason is because I am the slowest out of the companionship next if you are ever hunted with me or riddin on horses with me you would know I abor being in the front!!! Mike you are my witness to that. So my companion is in front I am looking down then up and then down and up it was like someone texting while driving not good. So the light turns red and we are a ways away from it but my companion starts to slow down a bit so then we don't have to wait so long to have it turn green. So this is all happening when I am not paying attention. So then I look up and it was to late by then. A little bit of back ground information before I move on is I haven't really been in any bike area before this so my back brake has hardly worked the whole time but I fixed it about a week ago. So this means my brain was super in the habit of using the front brake. So yes you know where this is headed already. So I look up and my companion is right there so I pull on the front brake as hard as I can making the bike buck forward trying to do a front flip. while this happened I was trying to stop and do everything to stop this from coming to pass. So I put down my feet on the road and start to run as fast as my little legs would go. While the bike is wedged between my grough and the momentom going forward. This all taking place on a busy road at a busy intersection. SO the bike won a set me flying into the bike of my companion. So in the air I think oh crap I am going to loose my teeth of the metal of his bike but I only lost 1 just kidding I didn't. However, All those years of playing volleyball paid off and I could finally use those awesome driving-fast moves for some good, because they don't help my with wrestling with Michael and my Companion learned that last week while horsing around haha, So I tucked to the left and took the inpact on the right side of the body of the tire. leaving a huge tire mark on my white shirt the whole day then while hitting the tire my legs were still tangled up in my bike and it catapulted me into the ground in the side of the lane of the road. Next thing a look at is cars are driving around my while a am face down in the pavement. then I look over and my companion asked what are you doing? He said he didn't see it but from and the fighting to not flip you said I was grunting and making a whole lot of noise the whole time down. So then I get up slowly because I didn't play football or wresting so my muscle memory wasn't use to that kind of going down to the floor only to pop balls up and makes great saves not of a bike or person throw you into the ground then land on you to kicxk you wkill you are down. I hope that you guys are laughing a crying from it I am trying to make it come to life but there are some hard words to spell in English. So I got up and just found out that it was a scaped bursed knee a shufted shoe and a couch in the finger and invidence on the shirt to tell people throught out the day. It was crazy! Then arriving to the ivestigators house he laughted and said I always pray for you!? HAHA So also the next morning I rose up really acky. However, the rain and clouds are all tired here and have taken a brake for now. We are doing good and are working a lot through are memebers and working to help bring their family members back and help the others that didn't recieve the gospel to have it. We live in an awesome small town and there are a lot of part members and relatives that live here tons of work to do. It is good. I hope and pray that I stay a long time because there is so much to be done and to be heard of this happiness. Also random Question do I Have insurance? Don't worry nothing is wrong or going to bewrong. Just good to know and to have? If not I have missionary isnsurance. ALso did I get a thing for family history in the mail if I did will you send it here? I am doing super good. This week I feel like Michael and am trying to getmoney so people can get married but this is only for one person not a ton. I love you guys so much I can feel of your prayers and love all the time keep praying for my, companion, and the people!! :) Love you so much!! I loved the pictures and the emails!! Talk to you later!! :D
Yes Mom I get along with my crazy awesome companion 
A double Rainbow I can't believe it!! You can't see it to well 
The moon on the morning 
Not everything in Texas is big
Sun Rise!

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