Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14th!

Hey my long lost family!!! Que hay de nuevo!?!? :) I am loving the MTC more and More!! I am doing good!! Elder Brown the missionary who was having a hard time is doing so much better!!! I am so happy about that!! :) I had to give a talk which was just my testimony in spanish in scacriment cuz we didn't have much time infront of the MTC pres. cuz our branch pres got released. Ha are new branch pres. wife came up to me and said i loved your testimony I felt the spirt but I only got jesucristo ha! :) I am doing really good the language is coming along so fgast!! My district made it a goal this late monday to not speak any english only when we are learning new principles in the gospel!!! It is fun cuz I love talking so I makes me learn it fast if I want to talk!! Also it makes you relize you know more than you actually do!!! :) MY companion is picking up on it so much better too!! :) Thanks for all the love and support I can feel all your prayers!! I am doing laundry right now so I don't remember the scripture I picked out? i will write. ALso I need my pin # I think I forgot it?! OPS :/ Sorry i can still use it here cuz i just sign a pick!! tell Grandpa I loved loved the cookies!! So did the people in my district and zone!! They were like dang these are so good!! ahah the weather is getting so hot and I am so jealous you uhligans get to go swimming!! Not fair!!! :p i am so glad to hear everything is going so good!! How is Dad's new job? The up stairs bathroom as new sink and tile!?!?! This is cazy next thing you are going to send is the back yard as green grass you can mow and the down stairs is clean and there is carpet!?!? Que es esto?!? Haha What is this!? haha Kim's date is coming up so quick!! hey i want pictures of the family like one we took at IC last year and i want picts of IC and other ones of fun stuff of our fam i have Nothing!! So I had the craziest craziest experience last saturday!! I was doing serve in the morning and the lady who speaks spanish looks at my name tag and says WILDING!! hA Ya why? Your brothers name is Mike or Micheal Wilding!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait whoa yes!! Hey baptized my dad!! Wait wait what!! And this girls is like so excited and about to cry!! She says but he does look anything like you only the green eyes... Ok this is when in Friends it says contine at the end of the very last episosed and it is so intense!! They stupid computer is going to kick me off!! I will right the rest in a letter haha! Sorry I am so mean!!! LEs Querro mucho!! Todo Tranqueilo!!! AMor Elder Wilding!!!!!! 

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