Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lost Email: May 17th

Loving the MTC!!! :) Food is the best!! My Pday is on thursday so today had to do tons of laundry cuz it has been like 9 days since last time!! My campanion and and roomates are the best!! Camanion is from south jordan lives like 2streets over from BRad and Tara on Cody Circle but he doesn't know them. One roomate us from Dallas texas ansd he owns like 200 instruments crazy cuz he is super smart oh he is Elder Larson! the other is elder Allred and he is from Meza Arizona and played vball in highschool he was a outside hitter so that is really fun!!! Tell Clay I am so excited for him!!! Crazy!!! Tell him to not stress the first coupleof days getting into the routen cuz the couple first days SUCK!! HAHA so bad misson language but then it gets so much better!!! Only have 30 mins to email so that es muy malo!! But that's alright! people in my District are the best and also in zone!! tell people there is like no time to write people cuz you only can on your pdays! I will try really are to write them bak!!! Tell everone that i love all the letters!!! Cuz my district gets super jealous of them all!! Well running out of time cuz i wasted this my whole time trying to learn how to email and log in the write way!! Dumb but super not time to write emails love ya tonss!!!! :) con amor!!

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