Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th

First thing is first ok yes the People feed us pretty good done here I think I might come back just a LOT out of shape!! MY workouts in the mornings is more like stretching my body for the day ha!! Also I might come back a little chubby!! ha! But I have good news!! We almost had a baptismo yesterday!!! hahaha yea laughting like the girl off of Drop Dead Gorgous!! baha well The last person Elder Aguilar baptised is Nayalie who is 22 and she has a sister who is 15 Viridanna and we found out she wants to be baptised and she has been coming to church and had been reading her scriptures!!! We almost baptuzed her yesterday but she wanted to wait just one more week to feel a little more prepared and she hadn't had her interview yet she that was fine!! But it is going to be my first baptisum out of no ware!! Also last night was Betty Luna's bday. So we thought we would take a card over to her for her bday! Well it is sunday and it just had happened I had a Cupcake bday card I had in my drawer!!! SO we wrote on it and told her we loved her and that we got this cupcake card because without cupcakes we wouldn't even have know her!! But we when to her house and got her Dad and he was super nice!! Said that if she wants to be mormona that he approves! So we asked him to please give the card to her... and right in planning session her daught Lluvia called and said it made her mom cry and wanted to come back!!! ha so we will see how that goes! But this week has been a ton of finding for the month of sempteber! We have our good days and bad days!! bUt I am learning so much everday!! I am getting better and faster at understand the language better and my listening is a bit better than my spaeking but that is fine it is coming fast! I can believe Nathan goes out!! he will be the 7th missonary on the WIdling side of the family!! Crazy!! ALso where is Jake WIlding serving I forgot? Jackson hasn't been trannsferred in 7 months!? WHoa that is crazy!! I know I have the best family in the world!!! Oh also I will try and buy a cord I can put to the computer so I can also send pictures! Cuz pictures are good! :) I hope everything is good up there! I want to see how bug RUby Peal is now?! :D I bet she is growing so fast!! Oh also wriite in your blog Melissa that I am sorry to the people I haven't had time to write back and that I love there letters!!! I love you guys so much and know I have the best family in the world!! I don't really miss you guys that much cuz I dream about you a ton a nd they feel sdo really!! OH also tell Mike and JJ I had a dream we were at Mackay having a blast!! :P hahah Love you guys tons!! AMor ELder Wilding

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