Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4

Dear Family sorry I didn't write yesterday it was a holiday you know? :) Well this week has been rougher but I am going and learning so much!! Our investigator Vidie keeps not thinking she is ready for baptismo but it is teaching me to be a better teacher and missionary for the Lord. I know that the Lord had prepared people for the missionaries to go out and harvest. However my purpose as a mssionary is invite everyone to come unto Christ not just people who don't have the Gospel or just inactive but the people that I love a work with everyday. :) I hope you guys and everyone to know that you have helping me and to prepare to be out here right where I am right now! I hope that everything is going smooth we your one up there!? Eat some big cotton candy for me at the fair!? Also digame who drew on Elk and if Dad is going to have to to hunt and if Mike is? Also tell Aunt Jeanie I love her! :) I am doing ready good the tough time make us the better!! Oh also you can read Melissa's Email too it has some more info. I know that I have the spirit with me all the time and that it helps me andf us to know what to do and say for the ones that we love a hold close. ALso Mom Dad take time to have together prayer everynight and read from the Book of Mormon 14 mintues a day! That is my comittiment today to everryone and I know you will be blessed so much!! ALso kenna and Miss have prayer togther cuz you are missionary companions :) Love you tons!! AMor ELder Wilding! PS DOn't stress I am doing great I always have a good attitute!!

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