Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th

That is good to hear that you had so much fun and everyone is doing good! OH yes to put down my seats in the car you have to take the covers off so you will but able to see that off to the side on top is a nob and you pull it up and push the seats forward. then put the covers back on and then for the future you can pull the nobs with the covers still on cuz then you know where they are next time. :) ha That is good to hear about Nathan, Clayton, and Jackson are doing so good!! :) Yes I live in an Apartment with 2 other missionaries Ellos son tontos (you with have to ask Shawn or Melissa what that says)  haha in a good way though. This week was super slow at the begining but at the end it speed up some more. That is super nice that Poppy and Kathee are sending me money they are the best!! Well I think I am doing petty good I can't think of anything I need right now off the top of my head? Oh hey what ever happened to my room? Did Kenna have to clean it? If she did porecita. Also where is Jack Wilding serving I really can remember :) ANd you might want to send my CLayton and Nathans Blog every once in a while go to MYDEARELDER.COM cope paste them and it is super easy ask Tia Mellonee she knows how :) How cold is it up there? It has been perfect weather down here!! My companion is doing lots better he is a funny kid can be a little funny the way he thinks but I love him. He think in 2 transffers I will be traning I think he is crazy! The language is going good I can speak good when I don't get nervous or loose confence but when I do that is when It is a little harder. I always have dreams about you guys in the night it is awesome they feel sdo real! Oh funny story time so I was in great shape when I left right?! Ha well saturday we took a all bike day and I actually did a little good workout. We went a good distance on the bikes cuz it is 3 miles just to get into our area and then our area is pretty big! But the next day I was so swore! I could barely move when I woke up!! I am so out of shape!! I haven't got fat yet but just out of shape! :) Haven't baptised yet but our area has and had tons of less actives and we are bring tons of them back to church it is awesome. Hopefully in October we will have some!! Cross them fingers we have 7 people with Baptism dates for october so I am hoping but I am learning and doing so good even if I haven't had a baptism yet we are being so blessed in so many othe places! I know I have the best family in the world!! I the best extented family I know heaven is going to be somethiiing like Indian Creek and Hunting camp all thrown into one big thing with volleyball courts in the middle hahahah naaahh But I love you guys so much and try to find my preithood thing that dates back to Jose Smith... or make on please? :) Love you so much!! COn AMor!! AMor, tu hijo Elder Wilding

Letter to the President

Querido, President Trayner
This week was a little bit slower with the work, however, at the ende it picked up a little faster and better. We had to get the whole Rosales family on the same page with learning and baptism. So we got them all on the same page so that is good but they didn't make it to church becuase the had to run their abuelita to Mexico on sunday becuase she was here on vacation. We also found a couple of new investigators who look pretty good.

We found Lupita Landaverde and Raul. Lupita is 15 her mom isd a memeber but hadn't been coming to church for a while becuase her husband was a little controling but right now they are separated and headed for divorce but Lupita came to church after our first lesson we had with her on saturday.

Raul we found and he wants to change his whole life and be baptised and knows we were sent from God only had a small lesson with him but his date is the 21 of October along with Lupita.

We just need to stress more about the BD check list with the Rosales family more to get them moving move down the road. I amn doing really good can't believe how fast my mission is going already!

My question for the book of mormon is "How can I know how to serve God more in my life." The Scripture I thought that might be good is using Mosiah 2:17-18 and then maybe the using leaving the chapters of Nephi being an example through action for the Lord as some Chapters to leave with them

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