Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept 17th

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! Oh I forgot to thank everyone for the sweet poster from Indian creek I love it!!! I got the package on thursday when I had time, them gave me a slip monday went in came to go pivk it up cuz we were not in the house when them came. I love the Mackay shirt so much how did you know to get that color!?!!?! Also the shirt is the same brand and color of my ligers one my ligers one is just a little faded by same colors!!!! Sweet!!! Also love the movies they are going to help so much!! AAnd the sheets are sweet!! I am so glad to hear that Tate did so well!! Yes I am trying so hard to write in my journal better the first part of the field was hard to do that cuz of getting into the swing! Yes I got Mike's letters and loved them I read them at night and had sweet hunting dreams with him and the family! Ha Also had a dream about kenna, Melissa, and I were pore down here on the streets colleting things and everyone spoke spanish of course and so I had to "try" and translate ha. But it was fun! Thanks Mike I loved reading the letters you wrote to me it helped me out :) I am doing so good down here my companion is still having a hard time but he is getting better everyday. i think It is because his dad got remarried and it is hard on his fam and su madre. I am learning and growing so much down here and having fun even in the harder times! Oh and I am turning into mike so bad a tease my companion and Elder Sweart like Mike teases! ha Like maybe wiping my burgers on my companion while in the car and he doesn't notice ops and teasing my other roomate but making everyone laugh in a good way. ha I loved the pictures in the box too!!! And thanks for the sweet pictures of Ruby Mike and Kim I am so proud and so glad to have you guys you will be such good parents!! How is everyone one doing? Oh yeah mom you can send my the newspaper not going to lie I loved reading them. :) How Dad's job is giving him a little time to breathe? :) So sorry about the stressful week melissa. Also JJ I am so proud of you for hiking up the mountain... you umm have less then 2 years to prepare for the bug blug in the mackay river!!!!!! Ha Well less than 20 months now! :p Oh something fun off to the side tone I just this week told elder Aguilar about Mrs. Funk ha! Also just realized today that the song off of the JUngle Book the Bare necessities is the "Bare necessities" not the "Bear necessities" My whole life until now I though it was bear because it is a bear that sings it but then singing it in my head I weas like oh bahaha now I get it!! ahaha It is Becuase Elder Eggli said oh yeah I just need the Bare necessities bahah wow I am dumb!! ha I am understanding the spanish more and more everyday and now can read my scritputes and understand most all 'most" is the key word :) Elder Aguilar thinks I will be training not at the end of this transfer but the next but I tell him he is crazy!! ha When we teach Rosalinda Rosalez i try and teach her in spanish but she knows nothing about the scriptures or the gospel so even after I teach a little Elder Aguilar will brush it up and she still will be like what? I don't understand but know it is true. ha Did highland win Melissa again Hillcrest? :p Also where is Jack Wilding serving I forgot? ops?But I loved rthe box so much and tell kyns thanks for the sheets! they are awesome! Que Padre!! Also thanks for the watch knys it is still working and going strong and people like it!!! Les amo much con mi todo corazon!!
Amor Elder Wilding


Letter to pres. I thought I would send this to to make it faster   :)    This week has been much better for me and Elder Aguilar. We are finding more people that are prepared and need this gospel. Rosalez family it is hard to teach went all of her 5 boys are at home. However we taught her and one of her sons the restoration and tried to make it basic and it went a little over her head, she doesn't really have a gospel backgrouond. She told us she knows it is true by the feeling that she has when we teach her. She came to church will her youngest boy who is 7 and all her other boys were at their Aunt's house. Have some really good potentials that we are hoping to turn into investigators this week and another big goal is to try and have the whole Rosalez family on the some board in the teaching process. We are doing really good up here though. My spanish is getting better everyday so that is good.
Con amor, Elder Wilding

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