Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10th

No I haven't recieve a package yet from JJ? It probably will be here tomorrow? HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! i am so blessed to have a dad that is so loving and strong in the Gospel!! Down here some of the men, well a lot, are kind of wicked and bad. But I kn ow that I have the most loving dad in the world!! Look at all your children still activie in the church!! My area has a lot of kids who are falling away and it is hard on the parents. I so blessed to have your amazing example to me in my life!!
Kenna what happened last week? also Dating Alex? Como como como? Ha Elder Aguilar is doing so much better. We might be loosing a hermana in our district? :( She is sick and can't get better? THings this week have looked more up wards. We are finding more people we really need this. I just need to practice on being bold when people don't do the right things when they know it is from God? If that makes sense? ha I am a little to nice when they need that fire under their butts. The Luna, Cupcake family, we might start teaching them this week again the mom wants us to come back? If she will come to church? We will see? We found this lady last night who is christain and loves what the Book of Mormon is and loves the idea of following prophets! We go back on wednesday? We found a lot of people last week now we need to go back and have a lesson and set baptisumal dates! Haha I know this is the Lords work and I know this is his true church will the right priesthood back on the earth. Love you tons!! Can't wait for my first baptisum when ever that might be!!?? :)           Love Elder Wilding!!! :) Love you all!!! so much Happy birthday DAd!!!!

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