Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st

Haha No where is Jake Wilding not Jackson I know where jackson is sillys. :) We watch conference at Church. Prayers um i am doing pretty good learning faster than I thought I could learn! Pray I can become the person the Lord needs me to be. I feel sometimes a little inatiquit. Pero I would love if you guys could buy me the Book of Mormon in spanish on CD's the Senior couple that comes by once in a while told me to ask for that. I don't remember if I told you guys this story that we had the AP's at our 2 district meetings ago and Elder Aguilar is our District leader and put me with on of the Aps to do a role play of teaching in spanish. Which made me so happy not but I did the role play in spanish on leaving someone you just meet for 5-7 minutes a chapter in the book of mormon and i did it and he says wow you still a verdecito? I said yes well your spanish is really good!! Pero your acient is well not so good I laughted and said yes I know "one of our investigators told me it is like a chiniese acient! haha She spoke English and Spanish. elder Duncan Said yea your vocab is there and he conjagted but your acient haha he told me to read alound in the Book of Mormon in spanish with elder Aguilar I also the Guys who teaches spanish and helps the missionaries says listening to the book of mormon on CD helps so. But I am doing really good don't think I can vote for MIT cuz i didn't regiester to vote. Ops No hurricanes down here yet. but some good ran storms still can get hot up to 100 the other day!! Also going to get a greeny in our Apartment Elder Stewart is training Elder Aguilar and I our staying in our area for one more transsfer. Oh hey also I need a camera cord that connects to the camera to the computer! also!! Also who sent the little box with yummy goodies in it!! I loved it!! It had all the food that goes along with our momories!! Got my trunky but only for a little maahhh. I love you guys so much!! I can't believe that i have almost been out in the mission for 5 months!! Whoa the time is going so fast!! Also no animals cuz Mike and I didn't do our Elk dance!! Que lastima! Also I wasn't there to carry the crossbow and the snack!! And lso to make sure we smelled like Yummy Cow Elks in Heat!! hahaha I think that is everything if you can but if not it they have it also buy the D&C movies in spanish but if not no big deal. I feel like I ask for tons. I think I left my camera cord there in my dresser in the closet but not sure in the cmaera box. Love everyong super tons!! Hopefully you can understand my emails from the fast typing and bad english!! Con Amor, Elder Wilding

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