Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th

The age change was crazy!!!! And so exciting the Lord's work move forward and faster!! Tell Karlee to SERVE!! It will be the best thing she will ever do in her life!! Serve! That is crazy how fast people could be out on missions now. Tell Lazy lex I love her tons and she should serve too!!! :p Ha I loved everything about conferience!! The singers were so white and Ginger!! Everyone down here is Brown so it was crazy how Red haired the women were! pelirojos! ha I needed to hear every word that conference had to offer. It was the first time that I actually loved it and needed it. Yes I had to have Elder Stewart and Aguilar hit me a couple of times! Ha Also we have a new missionary in the apartment and his name his Kyle Willams not Kyle Wilding it is super close though!! He is from Washington. How is everything with you! Did mike hunt at Johnson creek? It is crazy how fast the time is going!! Tell Pauline I say hi to her and the whole crew! And for them to visit and read why I am out here! Please. They lost too sad day that means they will take state! :P I can't believe how fast the time has gone almost 5 months crap. I am doing super great like always sometimes tripping over my feet but I get back up and hit it running again. that is super Cool Ean can serve tell them to send him over here I will train Him! :P maehhhhhhhh I hope that everyone that is of age now which is so cool will and can serve! Tell Karlee she is headed down here!! :p maehhh I also need a really good durable kick stand for mi bike. I know I ask for tons. I hope you know that I love you guys so much and that I can feel your prayer for me everyday. Melissa you can go to lessons with the missionaries they would love it if you and Kenna went!! Try and do as much missonary work you can I wish I would have had a better knowledge before I came out that 2 minutes of missionary work can change the world and someones life more than you can know!! That is the best and easiest way to bring sheep to this is through member work that is where it should all start not by knocking doors but throgh members!! Mom feed the missionaries one time and ask them what you can do to help them all my family members pray to find it and do it!!! Will you do it!!!? We are Mormons! I know it!! I love it!!! spread this for the Lord!! I want you to post on my page a Mormon message it is on the Restoration I think it has Tom L. Perry talking throught it? And tell people to post it on their walls to spread this to the world poceto y poceto. Sorry this is all about missonary work and commitments but this is so important and true. If you love the Lord then there is no question you will down it and serve! I love you all so much and Pray for you everyday!! Nos vemos mas alla. Les quiero mucho! Amor Elder Wilding!! Start singing Christmas music too!!

Querido, Presidente Trayner
Elder Aguilar and I have been trying to work with our members more and part member families. Which I am am hoping this will be the best way to work to find more people who are prepared.
We have been working with the landaverde Family the Mom is a momber baptized in 2001. She is going through a divorce/separatation at the moment. She knows that this is the way for her family to find happiness and unity that has been missing for a long time.
A handful of our active members are going through some rough times right now and we have been helping them out which is good to know that we can help out anyway that we can.
Most of our investigators that had baptism dates have slipped away missing appointments and not answer their phones or doors. This is the Rosalez family and Sual that have slipped away so we have had to hit finding more.
We found a lady in the topish-side of our area when we were lost looking for where a referal lived and we asked her if she knew the person and she didn't. Then we started to talk to her and she had been taught by the missionaries before as a testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon!! She was interviewed to be baptised but she didn't really know about the coffee rule and that was the only thing that held her back. I know there is more in our area that are prepared and need this too.
Also conference was the best and the church is true.
Amor Elder Wilding

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