Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letter October 22

 Como estan pocoitos! Courtney is and was emberrasad!?! And new carpet what!?!!? Yo quiero verlo!! Yes I am standing up straight! :P meahh I hope to look forward to have our first baptism on the 4th Enrquita a grandma who is awesome and has 3 daughters that she is sharing the gospel to. I fell so blessed to have a person who is so prepared and needed it! She as lived in our area from 6 years and no one as found her! Crazy! Oh no JJ I just want to live in the same place as you after this life together. Did you read and pray!? :D JJ your dream was awsome it reminds me of  my crazy dreams!!! I had on this week that Angels were clapping and it was super lound and being half awake I yelled at Elder Aguilar 3 times super Loud. And I Said... "DId you hear that?! I think it was angels!?" HE said "No hay nadie". I am doing super good I am learning so much everyday on how to grow and learn. Oh also YOu guys can send letters and packages to me own adress but for people who might not know that it changes have them send it to the Mission adress. Pero esta bien para uds. Me explico bien. ;) Preguntan Shawn o Melissa Robert. Ellos saberan. I also had 2 exchanges last week and learnded a ton my zone leader told me some stuff that was an anwser to my prayers so that is super good!! I can feel your prayers and your love your day!! Hey is Karlee going to go on a mission? I am glad to know that I have the best family and friends in the world!! 

Querido, President Trayner
I think we have had our best week so far in our area this week. We recieved some good refferals that I hope will turn into progress investigators. 
Also had exchanges with The Zone Leaders. I went into Elder Sanchez area and learned so much that day. Then the next day I went into Elder Stewarts area and learned some much that day too. Elder Stewart and Sanchez are amazing missionaries I learned a ton. 
When Elder Aguilar and Williams were in our area they went to a former named Mary Wilson that had read the book of Mormon twice but didn't want to get married and she told them that this is her time now to be baptized. She didn't make it to church becuase her Husband came out of surgery. She has a BD for the 18th of next month.
Also Enrquita is doing so good! She hasn't missed church once!! In church the lessons are all of the things she needs to here. I feel so blessed to have a person who is so prepared and needs this. We also have been doing a bit better on getting her memebership support and she was missing that.
I hope this week we can turn the potiential investigators that week have into potiential investifgators.
We are doing super good Elder Aguilar and I. 
Amor, Elder Wilding

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