Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29th

They won that is crazy cool!!!!!!!!!! I don't need a kick stand anymore I got one :) I still want my preisthood line thing if you could get that for me? I am doing super good still I don't want you to stress at all! I am confering myself by the second. JJ can fouge for me on that one! :D Ha I am growing closer to my heavenly father everyday and love the gospel. It has been a little chilly down here and I am loving it!! Everyone on down here is freezing and I am loving it! I sleep with the windows open and it smells so good! I am doing super good so don't worry! That is sweet they remembered my in the prayer. Shoot Hannah took 4th that is still really good!! Enrquita got interviewed and wanted to move back her baptism 5 months that is what she said in the interview. By are Zone Leader helped us on that. Melissa I read your last email about school to my campanions and they loved it! Did you blog it? I think that the mission is so awesome. I know that you taught me how to clean really good cuz on pday cleaning the other missionaries say I don't know what to clean then My Melissa side kicks in and I tell them what to do! Haha I I think that we will have our first baptism together... I think Elder Aguilar is getting transeffed. Oh MOm call Sister Harris if you haven't she was on a Cruise but I think she is back. She is the sister that texted you that one day. ALso this week is a week a bikes braking down also. I have had 3 flat tire a need new tread the spinas get to my tubes. Oh Happy Halloween o Noche de Brujas!! I know that I can feel your prayers for me everyday that I get up in the morning. I love you all and I hope you know that I am doing really really good. Don't stress to much! :) OH what does the carpet look like? Ha I have grown to love sweeping and mopping cuz we doing have carpet. Donde esta mi espirdora? I hope that live is going really good make snow angels in the snow for me and listen to christmas music :p Meaahh. I can't think of any crazy stories right now? I try and rememeber them to send them to you guys. I love you guys so much and know that you are the best. Family and friends make the world! :) Oh I had the poops yesterday. Our member bought us this corn soup stuff from the van that drives around with music and I had the poops yesterday. Oh YEs Enrquieta made it to church but that was it. Love you guys!!
Amor Elder Wilding!

Quierdo, President Trayner
This week has been a learning experience as should they all be. We had a hard time with finding this week but we are still trying to work with our members as best as we can.
We have been going by less actives and part member families to work with them. We found Maryam who wants to get baptized but her "husband" is a member and has drinking problems. so we are going to work with them this week.
Enrquita had her interview and we found out a lot more about her that we will be helping her on before her bapitsm. She is doing really good still and loves the book of Mormon
Mary Wilson is still having trouble to stop smoking. We gave her a blessing and still are praying for a miricle for her. Weonly had one lesson with her becuase she had to take her boyfriend to the hospital and then her sister-inlaw there too.
We found some pretty good potientials that we are going to go by tonight that I hope will turn into investigators.
This transfer has gone by so fast it is crazy.
Amor, Elder Wilding

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