Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5th!

Hey everyone!! No It is fine about the kick-stand We had to go to the bike shop anyways and I had to buy liner and tread for muy bike I keep getting so many flats. That is funny about the CD's in english :) You found the Indian Creek pictures ahhaha. ALso I need a picture of the whole family of the ones we took at Indian creek when people ask me if I have one I don't :) Yea the hurricanes over there I thought I was in hurricane central. That is crazy!! That is crazy no one has got an Elk!! Do Mike and I need to do our Elk dance?! :P Meaahhh I wish that we had carpet in our apartment it is just tile and I hate mopping and sweeping!! haha I miss the vacuum cleaner. I am doing really good the spanish is coming lots better I don't have to pay attention as much to understand it. I can feel your prayers for me everyday and come to find out it just isn't our district and companionship that is having a hard time it is the whole mission. In october as a mission we only baptized 40 some people with 175 missionaries. ssss We fasted yesterday as a mission and started a 40 day spirtual fast on things we need to work on. No Dad I know that you still love me tons I loved hearing from you and I know the scattering of Isreal is so true and it is so cool that I get to be apart of it! I know you love me tons:)   I can't believe how nic ethe weather is down here still! People think it is cold but it isn't! :) I sent you pictures I hope that you like them I am really bad at taking pictures my cimpanion is tho so that is good!! :) We does Melissa and Kenna go to Florida?! They are just taking tons of vactions Califonia and now this :p meahhhh Mom have you called Sister Harris she has pictures and stories for yall? :) haha How is life going other than new carpet crazy!! Dad I bet you are just super tired after work some days when we eat with our members at 8 for dinner I am so tired I can't pay attention to there spanish I just put my head to the eating a when they are talking then they are asking me a question hahah I just look up and say... Mandeme or Como como como ha so funny story about Elder Kyle Williams He goes to change his tire and when he goes to blow up the tube he asked his companion I just blow it in right... bahahah His Companion ELder Stewart Says yes... then he trys to blow in it a couple of times then to find out he says wait don't I need a pumped bahaha We laugh so Hard!!! Elder Williams is the one Who did know how to work the washing machine or dryer and did know how to lock the door with out his Keys. Like just locking the door from the inside then shutting it. haha I also found I street in our area that is named KYle street! Sweet! I think I will have a new companion really soon too I think that Elder Aguilar is going to get trannsfer his as been here for 6 months all ready. crazy I can't believe too that I am be ou tfor 6 months where is the time going!! Crazy before you know it christmas will be here!! I hope you know I am doing super good and love for you and pray for you guys everyday and night!! I am doing super good I am becoming a better person than I was the day before and that is how it should be. Oh read your scriptures too and pray everynight Jesus taught that when he came to the Americas. Also I hope you guys are better at keeping the Sabboth day holy I was bad! Like no worldly music and no movie that draw a way the spirit like pg-13 movies. Disney movies, sweet church, and other movies that don't draw that don;'t help the spirit ofd the Lord are ok too. We all want more blessing and this will bring it. :D I love you tons and I hope the jACE  gets and Elk that would be awesome!! les amo mucho en mi corazon. No tengo ningun duda in mi corazin acerca de ese!! Se que estamos in the camino de Dios cada dia. espero que tengan mucho exito en tus vidas cada segundo!! My spelling is bad in spanish and English Ha!! Lo siento! :p Que Padre esa vida!!
AMor Elder Wilding!

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