Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19th

Estimos, Everyone!
I am loving my new companion. He is a super great missionary and is so good at calling people to repent! He is bien-mega Chiflado that is super exciting and he loves singing CHRISTMAS songs!! I think on El dia de pavo we will be having maybe a dinner with the members and hopefully having set appointments that day because everone will be super busy so missionary work will be slow. Karlee turned in her papers that is super cool!! Eso no puede ser!! Mentiras! Meah!! This past week though Elder Harin and I found 8 new people!!! and 6 accepted to be baptized!!! Whatttttt! It was insane!! I know that the Lord sent Elder Hardin here for a reason!! The Cd's not yet... But I might need the Testiments again sorry Enriqueta who is going to be baptized wanted it. And when you get it I might need you to burn me some so just in case I loose it or scrat it. I can't think of anything right now for christmas maybe it you can get the movie... The profet Jose Smith The profet of the restoration in spanish because mine is only in English and yes I looked at it twice. Really I can't think of anything but I will let you know. You saw me singing haha that is awesome do I look old? I feel fat! So cute story I gave a baby a healing blessing in spanish yesterday and went I started she graped my leg and just held on to it the whole time she was super cute. It made my want to Hold and see Ruby it is hard not being able to hold babies. Time is going so fast thought it is crazy!! Jackson as been out a year and I have been for 6 months that is a quarter of my mission!! Como! Elder Hardin loves to sing wordly songs which I was doing so good at not doing but this last week has been super hard! haha Oh my heck right now there is a crazy guy behind my talking about this crazy stuff about Jesus and it is super hard to foucus cuz he is crazy wierd!! hahaha I look crazy people! I will try and be better at picture home I bought 2 cards for my camera so I can send on home and he can have them and then be taking pictures with the other and then when you and saved them you can send my the other card back in an envelop. It has been super cloudy out here and around 60-70 and I have been getting cold becuase I have been so use to because it has been so hot. oh yes I am getting along really good with my new companinon he has been through some tough times on his mission but he is an awesome missionary. Oh tell Tia Vonell thanks for the awesome package otra vez!! I had not tried the spitz from the first time around cuz i didn't want to cry ofr get super trunky!! But I tried them and did so good at not getting to trunky hahaha!!!!!!! Meahh Love you tons!!!
AMor, Elder Wilding!!!!

Querido, President Trayner
Well Elder Hardin and I hit off our area super hard and awesome this week. We went by some inactive members and had awesome lessons finding their doubts. Elder Hardin is is really good at calling people to repent!!
We also have been working with part-member families in our area Mary and Cezar. Cezar is momor and was baptized in 1993 and went inactive about 2ish years ago? Mary is Christain and only wants to know why she has to be baotized again.
Then we found a awesome family of 5 The Sanchez family. Elder Aguilar and I blessed their home and then set a return appointment. They are accepted BD's for the 16th. That was saturday night and the wanted to attend church but they were helping out with a cancer thing sunday. They were excited to learn how to pray too!!
Then Last night we found a guy named Angel that has 2 friends on missions and he accepted a BD and wants to have a Guide in his life and know how the church started.
Also enriqueta is looking good for the 25th of November to be baptized she is reading pretty far in the book of Mormon and wants all her family to come to her baptism!
I am excited that we found lots of prepared people in our are this week.
Amor Elder Wilding

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