Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th

SO jelaous of you guys watching the olympics haha :p Yea I can get packages down here. :) I don't know about you sending them in a letter of email? Try email and if I do have time I will read rthem and if I don't I won't? Ha I am doing super good down here!! Hahaha MY trainer says I am the crazyest companion he has had so far!! baha he also says I am close to his funnyest!! :) We are doing so good!! When we teach in english our companion unity is so good it is crazy!! ahaha Spanish is good too :) ahaha This was a rougher week and a better week all at the same time but that is how it goes :) I am so so blessed to have such a awesome family as you guys!! The people we teach down here ask if we even understand their problems and hard time cuz we are so young but I know that you have shaped me into the person I am today!! :) I know that everything that happens is for a reason!! I know that this is The true Church of Jesus Christ! People down here love love love their "Bible" and they always try to shake our testimonies but I know that this is the only true chirch and people need to hear this!! Edinburg has about a population of poky and chubbuck and there is only one church!! crazy! It is crazy to hear that people really haven't ever heard about our church?! But I am loving the work and love you guys so much!! :) Hey did you not read my blessing! :P I will keep praying for you guys!! Tell dad my car isn'tt that bad :P haha Also tell everyone to go swimming for me cuz I am in a very poor area but everyone has one of thise big walmart pools that looks so good to jump in then jump back out! ahaha jk :)Well times up. LOve you guys so so much!! :)

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