Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23rd 2nd letter!- And 1st missionary experience

Sorry the Car broke down!!! MY red car has always been tons better than the green one anyways!! :P I just bet it is hot!! haha Things are going so good down here it is crazy!!! Language is going super good and fast!!! I can feel your prays everyday!! :) Crazy story... Doing planning in the night about 9:15 and get a knock on the door?? Who could it be? My companion opens it and it is a mom and her 2 daughts selling cupcakes for money. She tells what she is doing and asks if we would buy one. I said yes I can if I can give you a card and a book? haha She looks at my puzzled? So I explain what we are cuz we are still in church clothes. BUt then I go look for so money and can't find some so I go back to the door and my companion is finding out where she lives? She lives in our area!!!! Crazy cuz our area starts like 7 mile away!! So I tell her that there is a reason why she came and knocked our door!! That I don't beleive in cowinistines (SP) I tell her we have a way to bless her life and have less stress and more happiness. (She speaks english) Right now another blessing ha!! And she just opens up and starts crying and telling us how she is feeling like god is touching her when we opened the door and started talking!! She is telling us all her needs to teach to!! Yes that makes it so much better!! OH this happened wednesday night!! Out of time I will write in letter!! Pray For matt manuel!! :)

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