Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Dear family and friends!! I sometimes get confused while emailing who I am senting it back too haha. Elder Hardin and I had a Baptism yesterday!! It was ED!! He was so prepared!! the 2 people I have baptized so far look like mom and then Ed likes like Dad. Eriqueta is dark and as a body, hair, face, and skin like mom and ED is short white, bold, has a laugh a little like Dad. Crazy Wierd!! They are just barely older than you guys!! It is crazy how you see your family in the people you teach jaja. Elder Hardin Baptized him and messed up on the words then started agian then baptized him then we had to do it again cuz he might had said something wrong? It is becuase that is the first baptism he did in english all the other english investigators his companions baptized. I am doing good we are doing really good in the work together Elder Hardin as helped me out a ton in the work and my chinese digo spanish. hahaha I thank you for the prayer for My companion and I. We can feel them everday. I am loving the work everyday that I have out here. I love your stories I can't belive all the snow and cold. Don't worry time goes so fast that the spring will be here super soon. I will send my camera card this week so you will have it. I didn't know shawn was getting married or that Kenna was and is dating Alex or that Molly esta pregnant. crazy i want to hold a baby so bad it is hard not being able too do that. We can feel your prayers becuase we are being so blessed in this work everyday. I am running out of things to say cuz I can't think of any funny stories to tell? jaja Oh I have one the Sustaita family is redoing their floor in thier trailer and I feel through one of the boards you put down and walk on after you tare it out and scraped my leg it didn't really hurt I just felt dumb but then say well I am not me if I don't do something like that. Also we help our investigator Juani get this bug frig in her house and the doors wouldn't come off. That was fun becuase we really didn't know the name of the tools that well in english so spanish was super fun to try and figure that out. but we got it in. I think that is everything I can think of? Love ya all tons!!!
Amor, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Trayner
Last night we were super blessed to see a baptism of Ed. It was an aswesome expierence to see another prepared person to choose to fallow Jesus Christ.
This week we tried hard to make the last weeks finding efforts turn into new investigators in was a little slow at the start and payed off all in the last night.
Lupita had her interview and is doing really good towards her baptism next week. We also were blessed to have her younger sister Mari and younger brother Frankie both exect a BD for the 24th of Feburay! They all came to church again this week too.
Their neighbor Isaac we had a lesson with him and his family along with Fankie and Mari. They all excepted to be baptised all together.
Juani our other investigator didn't come to church we are going to find out what happened. She is a nice lady that is living in a little camp trailer with her 2 little hijas.
I thank you for the help and love that you do for me and all the missionaries. I can't remember if I told you that I love you too! :)
Amor, Elder Wilding

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