Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7th 2013

Dearest Family and Friends!
My lincence will be heading to the Mission office and I haven't recieved my card yet. The temp is pretty cold no snow I like it I like having to bundle up and be warm. We had members that don't have any heat and they are not use to the qweather and they had to bring all the materies out in the living room and use their stove for heat which isn't quite to good for the Carbon dioxide :/ Last week we did super good on people coming to church and this week we only had one which is better than none. really you are doing the whole down stairs? Tell Dad I want a Wood burning pot belly stove down there to the right over the gun safe on the wall!! OHH that would be so nice!!! :D Take my  blanket a curl up next to it!! Then grap anything that will snuggle with me, Snuggle and watch movies bahaha meaahh! :p I can feel and see anwsers to your prayers for me and my companion everyday that we are out here in the Lord's great vine. haha the sickness is going around super bad down here. My companion got a flu shot right after we went to a members house and we walked in at it looked like the black flu hit!! Like 3 people laying down sick in the living room and 2 others walking around like Zoommbies. Then My companion loves it when I run over to sister Sustaita who is sick who has a sickness of some sort then run over and touch my companions arm hahah ops ;) Oh man Karlee leaves so fast!! That is crazyy she just got her call!! Well Love you tons got to go!!! :)
AMor, Su Hermanito Elder Wilding! :)

Dear, President Trayner
This week was a better week we have more investigatiors that are really good at keeping appointments so it was easier to have some more members present for our lessons. We had a harder time on finding this week it is a part member family where the mom is a member and stopped going to church when she got married and starting going to the Catholic church with her husband. We had a lesson with her and her 3, one who is 6 years old, boys and they all expected BDs. The boys names are T.J. who is 18 and wants to be a soldier of God, I told him once he knows it is true he can serve a mission and be a soldier of God haha; The other boy is Andrew who is 13 who is a super cool kid too. They told us that the hard part will be getting their Dad to meet with us is what they said. They didn't come to church and we are hoping to have a lesson with them tomorrow.

Ed Russow came to church for the 3 week in a row! He is progressing really good we taught him the Restoration and he told us that he knows that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. Next we taught him the word of wisdom and he had a tea problem but he gave us all his tea, which was a lot, and said he would stop drinking it.

Then our other investigator Henry dropped us and said that his health is too bad and he wants to be taught in the future. We testified to him and he was sad that he and to stop meeting with us.

Lupita the investigator in the other part member family didn't come to church. We are working with her to have her own answer to know that it is true.

Amor, Elder Wilding

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