Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014

Family!    Actually the lord works in weird ways but they always come out good. I had to pay for a part for the washing machine back in November and the office lost my recite and so I had to call them a ton of times because they are slow and it paid off because they just but that money back on my mission card so I had an extra 43 dollars. As a spare that I could have gotten to if needed. So no worries :) also we were able to see the miracles and have some cool finding experiences!! Even had a whole first lesson in Spanish and my new companion invited him to be baptized and he was really excited so that was fun. My companion did get almost the whole lesson because the guy spoke fast and had a heavy accent. It was good. I am so glad to hear that my system was still up and running! :) I can see Grandpas face already.   I teach some of the missionaries to clean better and to have silly systems like that. they usually call me their mom and I just tell them no I'm the heifer  and then I get to explain to them what it means and how all the Evans use it :p haha. It has warmed up I bit here so that is good.  that is crazy Wyoming will do that. Do we still have our black washing machine? I ask because ours here as been braking down and I have learned a good amount on trying to fix it myself. So it reminded me of when we had those same problems. I final fixed it all the way!! After all it was a stupid connection that was loose in on the side where it was hard to see so some times the connect would go that the lid was down and sometime it wouldn't work the it would get the connect and go. So I have learned more and new things about the washing machine. I am glad to hear that my letters sound just like me I try really hard to have them that way. That is super good to hear about how good Alexis is doing in Canada. She is a trooper because I would be so cold up there right now. haha I also forgot to tell you that on New year eve we had the opportunity to watch Mulan  and it was the best it took a lot not to sing along. ( I might have already told you that but I can't remember or not?) Training is fun I learn a lot to so it is super fun. He is a good missionaries and works hard. haha you has the greenie sickness where he can fall asleep almost anywhere at the drop of a hat. especial in the almost 9 hours of church. :) I am trying the think of more things to write but I don't know? And right now I have about 15 more minutes. haha that is how it is when you have more to write and when you can't muster out and more you are left with all the time in the world. Anything that you guys want to know next time questions? I don't need anything I am doing super well.  oh so last Pday I final found a Mable Bar donut!! They don't have those down here. I am got outside of Walmart and I couldn't wait so I start devowerign it and then it had pudding it the middle. I wasn't to happy but I still ate then and enjoyed them. I am adding all these little faces because I have extra time.   We got stuck in the rain last night and it was cold because we both didn't have any jackets.              Love you guys so so much!! Thank you so much for the prayers!! I could feel them so much this past week and I feel them all the time. I am so glad that I have you guys as my family!! :D Love you!!  Until next time! Love Elder Wilding!!!! :)    

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