Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

Family!!! :)
Yes it is suppose to be in the 30s on friday down here. Oh man that is crazy that Grandma fell. That is super good that Koda is doing great! well things are going great here. Funny thing that dad asked about my bike because it broke down in me last week. It is still rideable but the gears would change anymore it is stuck in 2 Or 3 and then 7 on the big one. So it is a chanellege to ride sometime. However, I believe that the mission has a good amount of extras and they said that they might lend my out one till the end of my mission or there is a member that might sell me a newer one for a better price. SO don't worry I will get that taken care of.  This past week was a good one. also i have a crazy story and you will have to ask Melissa about it. I am running out of things to write again super sorry. My companion is doing well. We get along good. He is doing well and is enjoyed the learing experiences out here. He don't understand my humor sometimes so that is fun. I can only think of one story but it isn't good. It was on monday I called to get my card activated and I was on hold for ever and then one of the elders told me it is a Holiday I bet that they are closed?. yup there were. We played Volleyball on Pday if was fun. I like playing but at the same time I don't because it shows me how bad I have gotten and how out of shape I have become. I go to spike the ball and can't jump high enough to get on top of the ball. I just laugh that is all I can do. It isn't competative volleyball either like rallies. The work is going a little bit slower. We have been working super hard and smart. most things aren't working but those are the times that you grow the most. The time that you talk to people and they reject you just helps to know that you are so much closer at finding that person that is waiting for you and is ready to hear the gospel. I know that the success will come maybe in changing ourselves or planting seeds. It will speed up here soon. I can feel your prayers always and love all the love and support that you have for me. Haha I doubt I could live down stairs it is so dark and I would be all by myself. that is just wierd. :) Haha next week I need a list of questions because I am running out of things to say? oh yes tell Sydnee that that is to funny that she ran a stop sign that is worse than driving on the wrong side of the road in your driving test. Crazy to hear that everyone in their family is taller than Aunt Mellonee. I wish that I would have grown taller on the mission but I didn't there is still tons of time though. Oh I also took care of my licence to extend it I sent it in about a day or 2 ago. also is my pin number still the same for my new card I had that question that i needed answered?? Love you tons!
Con carino, Elder Wilding

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