Thursday, January 23, 2014


This is an email I sent to Kyle!

I got a called to day from a weird number. It was the Missionaries in my area wondering if I would still like to hear a message from them! I laughed at them and asked if they were LDS and then told them I was already a member, for my whole life! I said that may be my number was there by mistake probably because I was helping fellowship someone!  Funny! But then the more I thought about it the weirder it was so I decided to google the area code! It was from Texas! Specifically Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo and South Padre Island, Texas areas! Why are people from your area calling me like I am an investigator! The number was _________! So weird! Did you right my number down if an area book?
Love Ya,

This is what I got back from Kyle:

Oh yes so about that... So my last companion love him to death but he had some problems with playing jokes and being obedient. So about that super sorry that that happened. Well so the story starts when my companion and I are cleaning the area book out which the other missionaries before us were not too well at keeping it up to date. However, the missionaries before that did save investigators numbers under an investigator section so I come up with the idea to call the numbers to see if the people would be interested again. So I look for a name that isn't spanish so my greenie could call so it would be in english. SO I look and find a name that is super white so I handed the phone to him and then he calls it. He starts to talk then says oh your a member? Oh for your whole life? So I am think oh sweet a less active in our area no one knows about we'll visit them! then I hear him say the name aloud and signal for him to hang up! to not talk more. Then I have the most shocked face in the whole world like how did that number get in the phone?!? Then the spirit of my conscience tells me that is was my last companion before hand I think he got it when I said it to the member that called you for college stuff. I was not happy with him. So my greenie called you during weekly planning. Super duber sorry. We earazied your number from the phone completely so that won't happen again we laughed then went on with more planning. So don't worry I am being obedient and not writing your information in area books. It is the craziest thing that you were the first person we called. weird is the right word. So don't call the number you have because that would be us. haha fun to laugh about now. super wiered out too.  My greenie was just glad it was in english he didn't mind. Love ya!

Oh I love this story! How I miss this boy!

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