Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Story time! I finally thought of one even though I have a million. Oh man Robby!! Do I have the story for you!! So last night we final got to go meet a young couple who aren't members but had been taught a couple of times by the other missionaries in a members house and then they send the referral to us. So it is a young couple with a son that is 1. We go in a it is pure Spanish and we sit down and I look at the young guy and he looks just like you!! Could be your twin. It was weird when we started teaching his mannerisms were like yours and his hair and hair duo. I also thought that the way he was acting when we were teaching he would be just like you. I told him that and he just laughed. cool young couple! Haha the whole time we taught I wanted to talk to him like he was you haha. Give him a big huge and scare him haha. ( I wrote this to Robby first and didn't want to rewrite it.) Family!! Also tell the young women thanks for the package I loved it! So that is good that you think the Melissa story is funny. It is now. haha not then but it is crazy memories. Oh man dad you are just on the go everywhere!! We had dinner with the Stake President last night and they have 7 children and the penultimate of the kids asked me to guess what her favorite thing to do was and I asked her what it started with and she said G and I guessed very fast jumping!!!!!! Right???!!!  The whole family laughed at me and said no, no, no, G no j not much Spanish for you and I said not enough study of English. It was fun with all the family. Also one of their teenaged son said to me one time, after sitting with the kids at a ward party, how much time do you got in the mission? I asked slowly haha and he said well you are going to get married fast because you are so good with kids and they love you. I died when you said that and I said mm well more like 5 years after the mission that sounds better. We also had Stake conference this past Sunday it was pretty full which was good so full we didn't even find out investigator that came we texted him after and he said I looked for you too. He is a man that has investigated the church for a very long time and then stopped and then an answer to his pray was to go to the Mormon church so he came back again we have been teaching him for a while now. He is the investigator that reminds me or Don. I am still working on the bike problem. The day I called the mission about my bike is the day after the Senior Missionary who was over that had just finished his mission who was super good at his job! Bummer SO now the responsibility goes to the Assistants  to the President and they are super slow and getting back to people! We also have a new thing in the mission call the chain of command so I have to work through the Zone leaders to get ahold of them and that is the problem or I call the office and they are never there when I call. However, I will be fixing this problem soon. I think I got to the mission office in a week or two for a training with my greenie. How is Grandma doing? I love the story that aunt Mellonee had of her. I hope she is doing well. The area that I am in is mostly white people and a little richer in some part of the area I have learned and grown a great deal in this area. We have some people that we have been teaching but all of a sudden drop of the face of the earth then we hear from them again so that is always exciting. We were going to have a guy get baptized last week but last time I had heard of him he was at a gas station next to his house with no car for the car or money but we don't know where he went. he is another guy who has been learning about the church for a while also. I love you guys so much!!! I love this work and we are working super hard!!!! Till next time!! :)
Elder Wilding, Your son and Brother! :)

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