Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

haha when we were out working last night people told us a little bit about the game. We had a couple of set appointments with people but they were watching the game. After a guy told us about the game I laughed and told me companion the game doesn't even matter to me at all. He laughed and said even before the mission I don't think that I have watched a full super bowl game. Haha I totally had some pictures to send to yous but I forgot my camera again opps. Also question about my new card it worked once now it isn't working? I tried to call that # on the front to activate it but couldn't get a hold of someone to do it so I just tried it and it worked once now it isn't. Don't worry about it this week because the only places that I have tried it were a Marshalls and at a small business owned vacuum store and it didn't work at the small vacuum store. I needed to get a new filter. The winter Olympics are already here? that is crazy. We also had a freeze here it was cool. Not a total freeze but the trees had ice on them. I took picture. We are doing well. WE have someone looking to get baptized this coming week. His name is Victor and he is a bit crazy he is not all there socially but is super smart and bore is testimony yesterday and it was very good a short. I guess before I came he did that is Spanish ward and was pretty much yelling into the microphone is Spanish and English until someone from the stand told him that his time was up. so I was super nervous when he told me to guide him up there and that he wanted to be the first person to go. haha he did super good he didn't know quit how to end it but it was smooth. He knows a lot of enormous words in English so sometimes he confuses me. haha like he is so smart he is crazy. I learn new words thought Like plumage and that is like the word in Spanish La Pluma which means feather or pen in English used for pen is because in the old times with ink and a feather I Guess? His interview with our Zone leader went good too. Who is Kyla? Man dad is working like crazy!! What does he do if he ever gets sleepy? I have picked up on that attribute of him where I can fall asleep on a dime. yea what is your calling right now is the stake mom? I forgot what it was when you left stake young woman's sports director? Also about my bike so you know how it was stuck in the gear what I did was a loosened the cable and then tightened it to where it would be in a stuck in a lower gear and not at 7 and now I can change from 2 or 3 in the big one and now it is so much easier and it works. So I think it can hold out. Anyways who knows I might be transferred to a car area? I am doing super good. This last week it was so cold and I didn't prepare myself for a mission that is cold I had to wear my pajamas that you gave my under my pants to help keep me warm on the bike haha. On the day with the ice I had on one sweater, that 2 pieces thing that you guys got from missionary mall, hat, glove, and a scarf wrapped all around my face. I had to adjust my helmet to fit over all of it and it almost didn't fit. I had pictures I will definitely send them next week so sorry.. We also saw a possum running in front of us one night so we took off running so we could see it up closer. It ran in some bushes and wouldn't come out then I say hey can't they climb things? We look up and it was right above us on the fence. Then one time about 2 weeks ago we are knocking on the less actives door and the biggest spider is above us and my companion hit the web it is on and it falls down swinging almost into my face and I started jumped because I had no where to go I was in a corner and I might have swilled like a pig or a little kids a good amount of times as it swung back and fore towards my face. Well Love you guys tons got to go!!! I will update you on the workage of my card next week thanks!! :)

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