Monday, February 24, 2014

February 22, 2014

Family!! Well I can't get a bike from the mission, however, I know the one I have will last me out. Also I would but a new razor head they just don't have the correct size anywhere. So I am writing today because the library was closed on Monday and then I went to McAllen again to a 3 day training. It was good a lot of things are changing in how we do missionary work. Now we are to get a referral from ever person and every lesson after the first one with an investigator must be in the house of a member. So that is a big challange to do but it can be done. Also, yesterday got a call from the mission office to see what airport I want to fly into. I told the salt lake airpoty if that's ok we you all?? haha gotcha Just kidding I said the Pocatello airport. I will be landing with my good friend Elder Sanderson. That will be so much fun. I sat with him on the way down from Salt Lake to Dallas. Before training on Monday night we had a big Miracle. We got a call from the mission office and it was a referral of a young lady whose College teacher is a member and the member called the office to find out what missionaries would be her students and while I am talking to the mission office the young lady calls us twice because she could wait for us to come over. I couldn't take the call we had to jump back into the lesson that we had and then we called her back and went to her house. Super prepared and she her needs was wanting the gift of the Holy ghost So we taught her Gospel of Jesus Christ and wanted to be baptized again to receive it. However, in the middle of the lesson she stopped us and had tons of questions where the restoration would have applied. So we told her next lesson. She has a super bussy schedule and we haven't been able to met with her lately. So pray that she will come to church. Her name is Courtney Carpenter like the singers. Other than that just pray that we can find some new people that are going to progress. would be the best.  Also as you know my area is lots of English so it is good to know that my Spanish won't go too far away from me afterwards. I am a little bit slower at speaking again a little but still understanding everything. It is like starting up an old engine up. Also before I forget. What kind of suvenres do you all want? I am no idea. I would get you some cool Mexican stuff but I don't thing that I am in the right area for that right now. there isn't on of those stores around. So I don't know?  Something of Texas or Mexico? I wish Meixco because the most part of my mission has almost been in Mexico. I will be writing on monday so thing of somethings to talk about because that is only a couple of days away and I hope to have some to say. My companion is doing good he is learning a lot and even in this area his Spanish has gotten so much better. the weather is super nice down here it has improved a lot. It is like Spring down here right now. Have you guys seen a robin Bird yet that is when you know it is spring that is what julianne taught me. I thought I saw on the other Day and then told me companion about it. HE never had heard that saying beforehand. Well, I love you guys so much!! I can feel it everyday. Just get swimming :) Love you.

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