Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

Haha for my Birthday I don't need anything. :) Yes you could send me the razor head that would be nice. I just need the razor head not the whole Razor. it should be between 25-35 dollars. No it is fine to ask the date when you start you know that there has to be an end it doesn't bug me at the least. If you served well and did your best it's fine. I fly in on the 7th of May. roughly I will fly in around 5-9 in the afternoon it depends on the lay over from Salt lake which should be the longest one. The one in Dallas should be less than an hour. I fly in With Elder Sanderson who was my companion and I have worked in a lot of the same zone for a good while now. Oh man I loved all the pictures of Ruby and I saw some glimpse of the new Carpet. All the snow at KIm and Mike's house. Also there was a surprise mission meeting of all the leaders in the mission so very fast we had to ride back down to McAllen. So, the hastening the work has hit here in this mission. We had 2 guys from the missionary department to implement a new teaching way for to Preach my gospel in the Details. Well it started out by them telling us the way we teach and do other things through them out, put them on the alter and destroy them! SO now I fill like I have just entered the MTC again because we are now teaching totally differently. They told us how long it will take to get it down and to become very efficient at it. Well, by that time comes I will be home so I just need to work hard and rely on the spirit to guide me and help the investigators. I only know how to teach the first 3 lessons because we haven't been told of trained yet on the models of the other so that is fun. We roll played it and it was in English and I wasn't very good at it. haha I will learn more and be able to grow and apply more than ever and faster than ever. I am doing good here. My bike is going to last me so that will be good. Also transfers are on the 25th of this month so any packages must need to get the apartment before then and if you don't know if they will just send them to the mission office and I will get them on the 25th most probably. :) Anything I didn't answer you can email them and I will get back as soon as possible. Love you guys tons!!!! :)

Con Carino, Elder Wilding

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