Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

What about Spencer Palmer? I don't understand what you were saying? Yes I got kenna's package on Wednesday on my birthday. I loved the package and gifts thank you so much. Mom haha I realized that I could have told you to go on to by the new shaver head. Thank you for the new one though. Man dad is just traveling everywhere. Yes I actually was super blessed on the day of my birthday we went by a member to see how they were doing and then gave us coconut cream cake from Sams Club it opened up here on the same day as my birthday which is my favorite Then, we had a meal appointment on that day, which is a miracle because we hardly have those, and they had pizza and a super yummy chocolate cake. My companion told them it was my birthday and they did a 21 and sang to me. It was a super good birthday. It was a pretty day that day too. So what it the topic that I am suppose to speak on? Yes I am getting truckie transferred to hildago. It is super close to the board and to the mission office. I am not going to the North which I thought was going to happen. I think that I am going to go brake a newer which I have never done, (Brake meaning the next companion after training) So I am excited about the next area. It is a car which I haven't been in a car area for a while. Sorry this letter is super short it is because most of my time was loading pictures.

If you look close my hand it going up to hit him in the back of the head because he wouldn't smile right. haha

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