Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Oh yes I totally forgot to tell you about the hair. I loved it the other Elders thought it was gross. haha Yes I got the other package that you sent on Saturday. Yes the weather has been super crazy down here it doesn't want to make up its mind. the wind as been super strong down here too. It makes one slow on the bike. Dad's letter was smaller because I ran out of time to keep on writing. Yes I am doing really well. Learning and growing more and more. :) So last Pday I Sprained my ankle pretty bad playing basketball. I have Pictures. My shoe slipped off a little bit and I went down on it and I heard my ankle pop. So I had to look up what to do on the Missionary health guide book. It said if the pain or swelling was over the boney part of the ankle and so I had to call Sister Maulenda and then send her a text of how it happened and details about it. So then, I had the area Doctor call me, so, I talked to him. So I was going to play a joke on you and put this sentence after this next one put I thought that and then say just kidding after that but would be super bad and rude to yall. (So I might have to come home early it is bad we will see.) No but it is fine the Doctor just said ice it and but a brace on it. ELder Guielltte had a nice brace so I am using that one. He also told me no sports for a while I think about 5 weeks great. It is healing very nice and fast. I can ride the bike and everything. However, if I walk to far I just have to take a brake and then keep going. Won't lie I was a little bit slower this past week. haha Also we had zone conference this last week and Sister Maluenda did a power point of missionary safety and of course it goes over things on about Pday and then See says like Elder Wilding he sprained his ankle hopefully he doesn't have to go home early. Then moved on and president stopped and asked who did that?!? then of course I had to raise me hand and say me. then he asked my some questions about what happened so every one know and then they said so jokes about it here and there. It was all good. So you know how I am a hypochondriac so when I first did it I went to the side and in my head I though that I had messed it up bad because it was super tingly it felt the same way as I did when I broke my arm the second time. SO in my head I was like I don't want to go home if I messed it up. I will work in the mission office I will go and work at the MTC for the last bit I'll do anything I said to myself. I was just a little worry there is reason to be right? :)   However, all is good. We also went to SIster Stacy Dukes house to move a chicken coop and then she feed us lunch and she had to turkeys and I would gopple and then make the young Jake gopple and they would all laugh and I loved it. then the other Elders know that I could make good animal noises and so I did a cow one and they all loved it. ahah Sister Dukes has a small little farm for recuing animals. It was fun. She also had quail hard-boil eggs they looked like little dinosaur eggs. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! :) I can't believe that I am going to be 21! I don't feel that old.  Love you all!!! :)

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