Monday, March 17, 2014

March 10, 2014

No you can wait on the shaver Head I will wait on that. Also yes that is the Date that I come home Julianne sounded so excited in her Emailed I loved it. It made me smile and laugh inside. Also I need to ask you all something. Don't post on face book what time I arrive at the airport. Close friends and family is good because that is a lot already. haha I am still me and all but I think that because I will be so excited/shocked from the amazing Plane ride. That I might have a heart attack. However, Don't stress yourselves out it you think it is to many people I love people. You will also get to met Elder Sanderson's family because they will be there waiting too. Haha I also got a another short call from the office to ask when my license expires so good thing that I already got that done. they called because in the past there has been missionaries whose licenses have been expired and it is super hard to get out of the Valley, that is the name of all the border town here, with out your license so they have had to maintain some missionaries here until the had figured that all out. I am all good now I just need to hold on to it so that I don't loose it and have to order another one.  Also tell Grandpa thanks the other Elders love the cookies they are so good! Did you get my package I sent it last Tuesday. Anyways enough about that stuff! Funny story time!!! So we have 2 huge hospitals in our area so we give blessings there when people go tell us to visit their friends or family members. or members from other Cities tell us to go visit someone. However, We all know that I am a mountain Boy from Idaho and that has only been on 2 plane ride all to the same place. So I find myself on the 6th floor in the elevator and we are going to the 1st floor. I haven't taken the elevator a lot in my life time. So we entered and they was a guy that go in with us, he was going to the same floor. So we start going down then the door opens and I get out.  Right? Well I make it all the way out then my companion and the other guy final seem to tell me that that is the 2nd floor and the elevator stopped to pick up more people. So I had to turn around and I felt so dumb! We laughed about it afterwards and I said,  "We don't have those where I am from!" haha It was a good thing to laugh about though. I can't think of anything that I would want for my birthday? Just tell me the souvenirs  that you would like? Well I love you guys so much!! Tell Dad that I say hi and that I love him too!! :)

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