Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Family, No I haven't ordered anything from Arazona. Crap. haha Also I my bike broke down all the way so I think that I might after to borrow a members or buy a bike at a pawn shop or Walmart soon?  I love my new area it is almost Spanish so I love it!!! haha I love love my new companion I wish that I could stay with him longer. He just got done being trained and he is a super good missionary and can teach and do everything. Well the district that I am in has 2 sets of sisters and another set of Elders that live with us. They district is doing so weell they are on fire. the only thing that they are lacking a little was keeping the area book up todate and a little bit of obedience issue which it is all good now.

Elder Lattanizo is the name of my companion I am braking him which I have never done in the mission. He is from Argentina and has the coolest accent in the whole world. He speaks spanish correctly too which is a plus. He has lived in Utah ever since he was 7 so he is teaching me spanish and English because both are better than mine. He corrects me all the time because I tell him to. He didn't know to much about the area book or things like that so he has learned super fast he will probably train when I leave or become the district leader. He was super nervous to get me and to kill a missionary but he told me " It is funny you don't even want to go home" I told him that I might have a brake down and if he sees me crying in the future that I am okay. Also he is Italin!!! 7 Out of his 8 great grandparents came over from Itally!! Isn't that so cool! He thinks that our family culture and back ground is rich and cool but it is so cool to look at others.

 Also we don't have to many miles on the car each month so we have to bike also. We also got a brand new 2014 toyota Corrola on Saturday It is so boss! We had a malabu chevy, yea, Never buy one. I have driven 2 old ones in the mission and a brand new one and they are the pits!!! stupid cars. The corrola has a voice programer on it that only responds to my companions voice!! it is so cool I have pictures!! I am so excited to be here they is so much work to be done I haven't had anythime to catch up on it.

I won't lie I was super nervous to work with Sisters I never have done that has a district leader. My companion laught and told me that if I could couch girls volleyball and even 14 year olds that Sisters are nothing. They are so awesome though. The other night at 10:26 I get a call from them and all 4 live together they are laughting like crazy and ask me if they can ask me a question? It was sister Price on the phone and she starts telling me that on monday that they forgot to buy toilet paper and they were out and need some right then. SO they wanted permission to got to the store super close by to get some. haha I laughted and told them to just call a member girl to get some and bring them some. This was saturday night so they couldn't go the next day on sunday and get some. I aslo told them if nothing works to just take a roll from the church until they could get some. Everything work out okay. haha. My ankle is doing great I fell almost back to normal i still can't play sports though.

I am doing super well working hard and loving every minute if it. I can't feel the love and prayers from you everyday! Love you guys tons!!! I am so excited for general Conference!! :P

Elder Stirling Made this! It is Taylor Swift with some of him in it haah 
He is as white as my just has Italin Hair 
The new car!!!! He wasn't to drive it

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