Friday, April 18, 2014

April 14, 2014

haha Dad that's super crazy that he went to San Antonio that is super close to where I am. So close that one time 4 Sisters took a wrong turn and ended up there opps President wasn't to happy about that then laughed about it later because it was just so sisters. haha That I super crazy about Gmas bday. We were able to have a baptism yesterday!!!! :D It was a fun one. Luis is a 9 year old boy from a less active family that we have been able to help. It also looks like we will be baptizing a part-member family of 3 this up coming week so be praying for them! :)

I still love my area and my companion so much!! It has been so busy and tons of work I love it!! :D Elder Lattanzio wrote you an Email mom. So read it I don't know what it says? haha I don't really know what I want to eat when I get home? Hamburgers on the grill with Idaho Mashed potatoes no French fries!! , however, Do you'll remember how I didn't eat anything before going in to the MTC well it is going to be just the same. So save it for a few days after :) haha

So while reading your letters I can tell that you are starting to get really trunkie and it makes me laugh a smile then get nervous for 2 seconds then it goes away. :) haha Today I am suppose to write Elder Lattanzio girlfriend a letter. haha He told me to go on a date with her afterward and I just laughed and it my Melissa voice said no.. haha. I feel so old in my apartment because they are all 19 and I am 21 and guess how old My companion's girlfriend is??? Guess, Guess, Guess, Yup 16! So I think I can meet her after the mission but not a date she was born in 1997! Wow.

Any new word on My card? My bike looks like it will last me the rest of the time so that will be nice.

Haha also something really funny is I didn't want to take my suit to the dry cleaners so I put my suit in the washing machine on cold and on delicates and it came out perfect and a whole lot cleaner!  I put it in because if it got wet from the rain or something like that it would start to smell like wet dog. Yuck.

If my car isn't fixable that is fine don't worry about it. It has a ton of miles anyways I think it is time for a new one. If you want to sell it that would be fine. I could buy one of those 500 dollar ones from the impound or fine a steal. Being capricious I want a Subaru Baja 4WD and Ac or an outback JK but really dream car. All the other Elders like at cool cars that drive by and I could care less about them. In my last area I learned what Mercedes Benz were. haha whatever though.  IS the old green car stilling working? I saw one the other day for sell and it reminded my of it? I am doing tons better about freaking about about the world and things like that. I had a spaz in the car with my companion and we laughed and then he gave me some good advice so everything is super good now.

I might have to apologize if I am not able to get all the gifts that I want to get you guys! I hope to have some time. If not I will order the things off the list that I have on Ebay.

I also spoke a short talk in Spanish yesterday the Bishop asked the some missionaries that day to do it! So I noted on the things that I wanted to say and it was so much better this time!! I just laughed when I messed up in Spanish and told them to nod their heads if I said something then asked them If I said it correctly. I told them that I get nervous in front of tons of people even though I love, love talking. they laughed so it went really Well. My companion speaks it so much better than the people do here it is crazy! Last week I had a few people ask me if I was still learning because they compare me and my companion but they forget he is from Argentina. Love you guys a ton!!! :)

This is Kyle's Companion's letter:

How are you doing?

This is Elder Lattanzio, your sons companion. I just wanted to say thank you for raising him the way that you did, he is SO much fun to work with and be around. I'm sad that you are stealing him back in three weeks, cuz it has honestly been so much fun. He's a super hard working missionary and he makes everyone around him be pumped up to go and do work! I am really enjoying being his companion.

Also, he has common sense, I like people with common sense, I'm sure a lot of that comes from the parents, so thank you for that :)

Elder Lattanzio
A Frog!!! 
Luis our first baptism as companions

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