Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Storm!

So cold on the bikes
I look like a Missionary Marshmellow 

It was an Icsicle that feel and broke my glasses" Name that movie?! (Christmas Story) 

frozen fruit... "Oh she didn't know it was frozen" What movie???
Then Kyle and I had this email conversation!
That is a crazy Ice Storm! And I can't believe you were so wrapped up! You looked like the kid from Christmas Story! How cold was it?

Kyle: haha yea i do!! It was 30's and Aunt Allison was right it is such a different cold. it is because of the humiltity. We would talk to people and they would be so puzzed we were outside. One lady pulled up next to us because she was so worried about us and advised us to go home because a storm was on the yern. We smiled and said thanks then said to ourselves while laughing we can't.

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