Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 30 2013

family!!! I loved all the gifts that you gave me!!! My companion also loved all the gifts that he received too!!! :) Christmas was the best!! WE had 3 meal appointments!!! I was stuffed. I don't need anything for right now I am doing good!!! Also I am getting some shirts from the elder that is going home they are a lot whiter so that is nice. Transferres are tomorrow and I training!!!!!!!! :) I am getting a new fresh missionary the first one that I have gotten right off the plane. I am a little nervous but it will be good. Just pray that we can find more people to teach. Also from the gift exchange I got the vocal point Cd!! WHat a miracle right! I also got home made brittle and a note pad for writing letters. I loved talking to you and seeing your smiling faces you all seemed so happy it is awesome!! Sad I didn't get to see KIm, Mike, and Ruby but I got to hear them. I am very proud of you guys for not cry when I hung up. Did you afterwards. I didn't. However, I felt it like Kim and I would say. Also super sorry about asking about the kid thing sometimes my filter is off. Sorry :/ I liked the come back that Kim had though it was a good one. Mom your email isn't working what is your other one your gmail. So I am sending this to Melissa's email. Oh wow Dad was is Dallas that wasn't too far away!!!! He might come down here hahah jk. We have lots of Wing stops down here and they use Idaho popatoes. I like me some of them fries. My companion also got me huckle berry jam for Christmas how nice. Even red huckle berry. There are at the winter Cabin oh super cool!!! JAJA I didn't realize that I say that a lot. haha How much snow do you have? How much snow its at the cabin?! wow For New Years we will be watching a disney movie at the Church so we aren't outside on new years. The options are Finding Nemo, Lion king, and Mulan I hope for Mulan that is what I put my vote in for. I am so glad that we got to skpe I total forgot that I needed to sent up an account so one of the other missionaries was very nice and let my use his. so that was a live saver. When i first got on you could see my but I couldn't see you at the begining I have to accept the video it was very cool to hear all your voice so awwwww. :) I also have so blue ties to send to Mike I hope that they will work well. I love you guys tons. Love you!!! :) :D

All Ties on Pday. Trick is all of these ties are from one Elder who is leaving in 2 days!

Christmas Morning
Fat Fingers 
Christmas CDs to me! 
New Shirt and Old! 
This Cat would not shut up all night! Meow Meow Meow Meow
The other Elder put this on there for me! 
Wow Mira look Christmas Tree Cakes 
Christmas at a members house! 
Merry Christmas from Texas! Look at the grass on Christmas Day

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