Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6 2014

Hey hey! Well My companions name is Elder Sessions and he is from North Caroline. A lot of my companions have been from the East. This week has been good it was a little warm yesterday then it got really cold again. Ok not has cold as it is up there. So stories of Transfers!!!! Oh yes transfers always are and epic adventure. So... It was the night before transfers and we get a text from the Zone leaders that all the trainers have to go down to McAllen to get there new greenies! So all the transfer plans were taken off of the McAllen soil. Then we find out really late in the night what they are. so then next day comes. I am riding down with Elders Muitalo and Hachet and then I am in the back with SIster Peterson. Not award I am funny when we jump in the car I turn to Sister Petterson who is young in the mission and is training too, however, I look at here as I telling her and drawing a line down the car seat in the middle of us and tell her in a little-fun kid voice "that is your side of the square this is mine I don't cross this line and you don't cross your. I said while shaking my head. We all laughted it was funny. LAter, we are 30 minutes late to transfers like always and so I get the and take off my rain coat it was raining that day and I still have a sweater underneath because that is how cold it is. right? But the say right when I get there Elder Wilding come to the front. We were all seated in the chapel and so I go to the front not knowing what is going on. with no name tag on because it was on my name tag. Standing in front of everyone and then asking to I sit and wait what am I doing. One of the APs says Elder Sessions you with be with elder Wilding in the zone of Harlingen in the area Medical center. So My companion stands up in the crowd so I start to walk down to greet him right. NO You wait for him to walk up and give you a hug in front of everyone then. YOu walk down and find you seats. Yea everyone was laughing cuz I AM fun and I had no name tag of any idea what was going on. so the was fun. my new companion though I was funny.  So that was fun. Oh man I love what Grandpa whore on Christmas Duck dinasty!!! That picture made me trunkie jk. Oh man oh much I love my grandpa!! Tell him I love the outfit and him too. Elder Vawdry a other Elders greenie and I got to teach primary and be in there for opening exercises. Ohj man the little kids were so cutie!!! Then we go to teach the old kids the plan of salvation. they were little brats and oh how much I am my moms child. We had fun teaching them though. my bike is still hanging in there if it rains my gears don't work so that is fun. We also took a short cut that turned into a huge memory. There was so much clay-mud that our wheels stopped spinning and then we had to clean them out to make them work it is like when my car got stuck in the snow drift do mad that the wheels wouldn't spin. We could pick up the bikes and carry them out so that was the good part. So did you get all my emails last week? So that is super crazy that there is no sno up there. We have had a lot of rain and it has been a rainer colder year down here. What a blessing. Still had those days were it was enough to melt the white shirts on your back.Ruby is super cute!! When is her birthday again? So I am doing super well here. The only thing you could do is pray that we can find more people to teach and that the 2 people that we have can be able to make it to be baptized this week. There are a Mom and a SOn. They little in a womans refuge which we can't go to or near so we have to met you at an elementry school and walk to a members house to have lessons. She can't use her phoine thre so getting a hold of her is the tricky part she has to be 2 streets away to use it. SHe is super super awesome and loves the gospel and is so prepared. SHe is a trooper she has been through a ton this past month. she is a huge blessing. I love this work so much!!! :) I love you guys a ton!!! :)

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