Monday, May 5, 2014

Last One! Ahhhhhh! I am so excited!

Yes I get to write one last time. :) Yes that will work to go meet with the Stake President that night it will all work better and be smoother that way just to get it done. I am doing fine I'm a l ittle nervous but a whole lot better.
Friday during Companionship innovatory I cried a lot just ask my companion. haha Then he started to cry just as much so it was haha yea. After that was done I walked out of the room and the other Elders saw me and I just said in a funny voice I broke down. haha It helped a lot to just cry and let it all out. I learned a ton through the tears. My companion is so boss I love him. He listen and helped. :) hahaÂ
However, this last week was the best of my mission we were able to have so much success!!!  It was amazing!!! Even the Sisters in the district and a super cool baptism with us!!! :) I had my exit interview with President last night. It was fast and not how I pictured it being. On that tone it was a lot better than what I thought. Haha We didn't even really talk anything about the mission or things like that. He just paused a moment looked up then looked back down at me and asked what my plans were after the mission for studies I told him the vague plans that I had and yes say no. haha opps. Elder What Profession are you going to go into? I said I don't know? He gave me super good council and gave me some homework to do before tomorrow.  Then he asked me about me companion but said it will an a not and o in Spanish which confused me. He grinned and said to find her? What things am I going to do? That I need to be not afraid and a lot of other things that I'll tell you in person. The whole time he was talking about getting an eternal companion I just smile with my face super red and embarrassed and would giggle just a little bit like Melissa. He gave some super to the point feedback and kept asking is that clear. I just smiled and said yes. :) It was exactly what I needed even if I didn't want it. hahaÂ
I told my companion about it and he laughed and told me that is what I have been telling you the whole time!! You understood you just didn't heed. haha Opps. haha Â
I know it won't be that hard to come back I think that I'm just making it seem to hard and to make a big deal out of it. Just one step at a time. If I seemed super shocked or scaried looking when I see you don't pay attention to it. I'll be fine.
These past 2 years have gone by so fast!!! It seems like 6 weeks ago we were eating at Hawain Grill and you guys were making fun of me because I couldn't eat. I know that it hasn't gone by fast for you guys but it has for me it is crazy!! I love my Mission so much and I love you guys so much you are the best!! :)   Â

Black light with baptismal clothing. haha 
Miracle on Saturday=Baptism on the last Sunday!!!! :) 

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