Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Family!! :) We were so blessed last week to receive only 2 mini missionaries in the district and not 4 I thing it would have been crazier. Well Ours we had his name is Keygan and that was super hard for the Spanish people to say. Also we only knows pure English and Hola in Spanish. This last week we only had 1 lesson in English. I felt so bad for him, however he there would ask him to say one of the prayers because they could get the most of it. we had almost 3 lessons in English because the family understood English but it was easier for them to understand in Spanish. Keygan was in the English ward in my first area so I knew him from there. He also passed out when you was with us we were in the car for a 30 minute drive and when we arrived he got out and passed out into me while at his side, so I couldn't catch him, and he hit is head 3 times on the pavement.  I felt so bad. Also because we are all bike we borrowed one of the Elder's bikes so we wouldn't have to walk we did that the first day and Died. He did know how to ride a bike super good and feel a lot not big ones just little ones. He crashed super bad and flipped over the handle bars and ripped his pants and got his knee scrapped pretty good. He was a trooper though he loved it and learned so much is what he told us. We taught him how to say Heavenly father in Spanish so he could pray like that to his family. He was a cool kid and it was fun having him. I am in a ward Spanish and English. We are located in Mercedes Texas a small town outside of everything so I like it. We live right next door to the other Elders so it isn't bad being in a 2 man because they are right there. My companion and I get a long super good and it is his Bday today so I will tell him happy birthday today for you. Haha another story about not knowing what was going on because it was Spanish lessons is we were all praying a Keygan started to eat while we were with a less active family eating and he didn't know we were praying. opps. I love my new area it is an adventure on the bike. A think I am slowly getting  back into shape. My companion probably thinks other wise. It might be sometime till I fix my bike we are far for the bike shop.  That is so nice to hear that for Kenna!! Melissa that is the funniest story I think I have ever heard did you know he worked there? I gave a lot of ties to my comp today for his bday cuz I Have way to many. My area is a newer area the spilt  one big one last year and made our right in the middle of town so I is new and has been growing really good. I will get the address new week so you can look at it on google maps. I love being a missionary everyday and love you guys and miss you too. I can feel of your love for my everyday. :) I will talk to you later. :D

 Old apartment forget to take one of the new district Opps
Robles Recent converts Laredo 
 The Chick Family recent converts in Laredo 
 Pantoja Family got baptized 2 weeks ago (not dad cuz work)
 Marlen Ramirez In Gray got Baptized 2 weeks ago too :D
 transfers Sister Vidal going home was in my greenie district
 My companion Is huge!! Right? :) people tell him he looks like the new super man guy off the movie
 Today is his Birthday he is so pumped
Our mini missionary we had the past week

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