Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
Yes I will send pictures next week I forgot my camera. opps sorry. That is crazy about the fire! How long did you guys get to stay up at the cabin? I know I am in the process of getting things for you guys too. Also will you make sure that I have enough money in my checking accout I have had to use some here at this new area. I got the package from Indian Creek and loved it!! My companion though I was crazy wierd for loving the dirt that you send me. haha I can tell it is Indian creek dirt. I took a big whiff of it and millions of memeries gushed into my head. It has been super busy and feels like I have had no time these past 3 weeks. We live in the middle of the valley and don't have a lot of members. It is a fun area that has so much potienial. It is a poorer town so the hard thing is to round up rides for your members and your investigators to make it the church in Westlaco. I love training it is so much fun. This week we are getting mini missionaries there are young men from the wards that come work with us for a week to have a taste of missionary work. I will have one and so will my companion. Elder Casteel is so nervous to get one becuase he hasn't been out in the field that long. However, it will be a good growning experience for all. I am in a bike area and it isn't a huge one but I am out of shape my legs hurt and my calfs pulse durning the night. So mike and Kim bought a house?!!?! I want to see pictures!! How far away are they from hunting camp and the house? :D He better still be able to go huntin' with me with this new job :p  Happy Birthday to Kim Tomorrow!! Happy birthday!! :D I can't think of anything super funny that happened this week? Also right next to this apartment again is a little cesaers pizza! About a block away too. In my last area they were building a dollar tree about a block away too and I was getting pumped becuase I knew all the diels!! however, they didn't finish before I left. Did you get sun burnt from going red fish 3 times?! So jealous Jk HEy wasn't it Kims first summer cabin?? Ruby is getting so big!! I think she looks like a true Wilding baby/toddler. Is she growning taller so I can teacher her to slam a volleyball down? :)  How was JJ long trip to Mackay? The work in the area is growing slowly but it is getting there little by little it is a fun are and it is nice to be on the bike. It hasn't been super hot so I haven't gotten burnt yet. I learning and enjoying it everyday. Pues not when the alarm goes off haha jk. How is Justin doing in the field being so young we have one in the district he just graduated and my companion will be 19 on the 5 of agust. I love being a missionaries and love all the support and love that you give me each and everyday. I love you guys so much. and miss you. :)
Estimo Presidente Maluenda,
Esta semana pasada fue bien para el districto. Estamos trabajando con nuestros miembros y conversos recientes tambien. Pudimos hallar mas personas asi.

Hallamos una familia que todos no son miembros de la iglesia. El esposo se llama Jesus y tuvo un cambio de su corazon cuando los miembros estuvieron a su casa. Fuimos el proximo dia para tener una leccion con el y acepto una fecha. El no fue a la iglesia porque estaba enfermo. Ya tiene mucho amistad de los miembro y amigos entre la iglesia.

Tenemos una hija de una miembro tambien tiene 11 anos y fue a la iglesia. Ella ya esta lista pero es un pocito temida. Su mama so baptizo casi 3 meses atras.

Luego tenemos Anthony. tiene una fecha para el 18 de este mez. Tiene problems con la palabra de sabordoria y tiene 17 anos.

En el districto pudimos hallar mas personas pero tenemos que llevarlas a la iglesia para que puedan progresar a sus fechas. Trabajaremos mas con nuestros miembros para que logremos eso. Y Indian Hills esta haciendo bien. Batallan con las sugundas lecciones a veces porque las personas no estan. Los nuevo misioneros estan bien pregresan rapito y tiene animo para estar aqui trabajando.

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