Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 22, 2013

Well I arrived in Mercedes texas just fine on tuesday. We all know that tranfers from Laredo always have an exciting story to be heard. We found out transfers late on monday morning that made the mission super happy. not. Then on monday we had to help unload a truck for the new area in Laredo and we were there for 3 hours becuase the truck broke down. So that turned into having no time to pack and starting up till 1 in the morning and waking up at 4:45 the next day. Then we arrive to the church and we find out that we only get to take the little tiny corrola car and the small toyota truck to McAllen. They use to have a bigger truck and a van for transfer and the Aps don't realize none of the bags fit. So we stuffed them has fully as they could until we only had two 72 hours kits that would not fit. one being mine but they are going to bring them down later. But the car is so so overloaded with bring 4 Elders down and I am to drive it. So with the bike hitch hitting the ground on the smallest tiniest bump hitting. :) So we pull out of the parking lot and the car is struggle to excerate. Then we are at a stop sign and I barely touch the gas pelt and the car pills out on the gravel-pavement. Haha Not that much weight sittin' in the front. So I am fallowing the truch and there are a lot of hills and the way to McAllen and the speed limit is 75 and we are late leaving already and the car is killing to get up the hills and get up to speed! Like pelt to the ground and I can't keep up with the truck. 5 rpms wasn't doing it. Ok it will do fine it will make it just push her. Then as a reach the speed of 75 I realize that the windy raod and the uneven road makes the car whip or fish tail!! So that was a blast the whole ride there. So then we stop to check if the bikes and everthing is ok? Well the las Bike Elder Bawdens is only half way on now. :/ so we putt it make on and Elder Hill who is driving the truck says we got to go we are late. Ok. so we dash off again so then he starts to fly in the truck... So I give it gas all the way to the floor so it with pick up speed ok we are doing fine. Then I get to this truck and I go to pass him in the other lane it is a lane like the old arco desert one. I start going around him and give it some gas to go. Then I am kepting my eyes on the bike so we don't loose them while trying to keep up with the truck and control the whipping of the car like whip cream on  top  a of pie walking through everyone on thanks giving.  So as I am driving watching the bikes the last bike slowly falls off. I caught it at the begining so we are slowing down off the the side when half of the bike hits the ground. So I get out strap it back and call the truck to stop so that I could have so rope for it. then we get to the truck and the red rope dad put on the bags when he went to china or on the top of the bags untied waiting for my to grap. However, didn't fly away because a other small bag was sitting on top of it. That was a huge help for the bikes I think Heavenly Father planed and knew I would need those ropes at just the right time and to be untied. Then Elder Hill says you are so slow we have to go and I tell him what is going on with everything. He says well you have to make it go fast. haa we all know the slightest touch on the sterring wheel isn't the best, the effect of the turn, and uneven road causes us to start to have a whippign fit of the small car and fishtailing. While next to the truck!! Well all those years of riding, watch the speedomiter and watching how Dad drives floods into my brian- intinct and I just sterred out of it and rode it out. While all this was going one I had a 3 city slickers screaming like little fawns that can find their mothers. Then after that the whimmping slowed down. Lets just say they were super scared. haha So then the road gets flatter and much better. So I can catch up to the truck. Then I look down and see what I have used almost more than half a tank? But we aren't to far away by now. So we are cursing. while I am not likeing it bucause we are speeding and I don't want to get a ticket on the mission. So then I think yeah we are doing good. then all of the sudden the get mataniace light turns on. Opps. I think the motor is to hot? Or something like that? so can't stop almost there. So we get the and the car only has less than a quarter of tank of gas. so then I go get the car cordinator to tell him so about the light so I won't get in trouble. Ok lets go look he says oh your're probably low and wash fluid. ok. so the tranfer was a blast again. It kept me alive and alert to try and control the fishtail the whole time. The awesome thing was no one got car sick. We can know say I rode a roller coster ride. because that was a roller coster ride!! So all those years of being OCD about the speedometor and everything paid off. Sorry I am spelling everything worng this computer doesn't have spell check. Also sorry for the many grammer errors it is hard to write in English and spelling while I sound out the words in the library isn't helping. I am trying to use smilies and stuff like that to make the story fun and come alife for you guys all at the cabin. Merecedes is fun it is a small town and it is a small district of 4 of it is a 2 man apartment and the other Elder Life 10 feet to the left of us so that is fun. Also went I get here the apartment is super dirit!! And we have Carpet!!!! I haven't vaccummed in a year!!!!!  So I vacummed the 2nd day!!! However, When I turn it on it doesn't pick up anything and the carpet is super dirty. So I flip it over and go to work. The belt fell of a long time ago you can tell by the carpet. So I have vacuumed 3 time since Tuesday and then today I found out the hose didn't have stucking power. So I emtpy the butck and that hasn't been done forever!! that didn't fix it though. So I took it apart and cleaned the fliters ahi estaba. I found it!! So no the vacum is good and now I am up to 4 times as of today and the carpet is a whole lot bet!! So as a right now no more broom or mop because my companion likes to fo that and it is only the small kitchen and bathroom!! :) I know this last week was full of OCD things that I use to love to do!!
Love you tons have fun!!
Elder WIlding

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