Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Dear Family. :D Looks like that was a fun in the Mountains!! :) Where did all the trees go to? Randy is big!!  he grew up super fast!! That is good that there was only a few minor injuries. What/how did Dad do to his knee? We are doing good down here having  fun time trying to keep up with all the things to do. It looks like they are opening up a new area and they will be added to the district but not sure? I like that I have only had 2 areas in the mission it is nice. hope you didn't think of me to much mom when you should have been enjoying it :p That is good that grandma was still able to go. did you all   get sun burnt like the usual that is crazy how hot it was. I am doing super good having fun teaching and loving the people that we have. I am so blessed to be able to be down here and have this gospel. It is so awesome that are family and are extended family know and love this gospel. How many flat tires. :) haha I love you guys so much and know you love me and I can feel your prayers everyday. The work is speeding up and down is to work harder and harder. :) Pray that the people we have will be baptized that would be tons of help. I love the letters and the love that I feel from each and every one of you!! :)

Soccer field Rio grande then mexico for our area (I think the  picture is of Kyle's last companion)!

This is a sunset in Mexico!Taken from Kyle's porch!
This is a member from Honduras who brought 4 other to Laredo to be baptized! (I think this is Kyle's new companion)

President Maluenda,
Hola Como esta?
Tuvimos una muy bien semana pasada.
Nuestros investigatores estan haciendo muy bien.

Con alugons de ellos tenemos que trabajar en teniendo el trabajo disponisble. La familia Pantoja el esposo lo tiene. su familia ya han ido a la iglesia 3 veces.

luego Gloria esta bien su familia tuvo un peligro entre de su familia y no quiere ir a la iglesia pero nos dejo con tiempo. Porque todo de su familia son miembros.

Podemos hallar una familia que es muy listo para aceptar el evangelio. No pudieron ir entonces vamos a saber porque.

Tambien Marlen to fue a la iglesia el miembro que esta viviendo. por eso su fecha tiene que cambiar.

Southgate esta haciendo muy bien trabajaban mucho y tuvo exito en traer personas a la iglesia.
En el districto nos falta el encontrar tenemos que superar eso para que tengamos mas para trabajar.
Mi companero esta bien aprende cada dia y tenemos un muy bien companerismo tambien con el southgate.

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