Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

I am getting transferred tomorrow and found out today!! Well well we got the news I will not lie a was not a happy camper but that is how it is when you know you aren't getting transferred and you have to desires to get transferred you are! haha I also thought it would be a small nice transfer because of the new President. I am so grateful for your prayer Yesterday we have 5 people interview to get baptized and they all did so wonderful and passed with flying colors. The Pontoja is getting baptized this week but the Dad can't because he hasn't got work off yet. I will     be the district leader in Mercedes it isn't very far away from my Greenie area. I loved the pictures that you sent they are awesome Michael as a little bit of a tummy like his little girl :) I am super super sad and devastated to leave but the Lord knows where I need to go and when my time is. Haha so don't worry. I feel for my companion he will be have 3 companion in his first 3 transfers.  Haha also we have no time to pack today or say good bye to people in the whole mission so if is going to be a crazy first transfer for the new president. Get praying I feel answers to your prayers everyday that I am out here. haha I even said last week a am glad that I only have 2 areas in my mission! Dang it I should have kept my mouth shut. hahaha Jk  But I know this next area is where I need to be. So now back to happiness and fun stories. In English ward in priesthood it was 4 priesthood  holders and the rest missionaries and we sang teach me to walk in the light. While singing this took me back to when I was young sing I Stand All Amazed loud and proud because almost no one was singing to make it loud also Elder Bawden was sinning loud. Sorry if I haven't sounded excited or positive I fell bad :(  I am still happy! I just though there was a mistake. But then I am jacked but the spirit and reminded about the group if men that marched with Joseph Smith and how it was for their learning and growing in the future not the now look upon things. Or going back to Isaiah and my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are higher than yours :) It says some thing like that. Other than that it is super cool that you will still get to go to the cabin!!! Then still to get the emails!!! :) Also funny story This last week I send the 2 new greenies in the mission field on an exchange and in my area and yes my area is mostly Spanish. :) It was fun because they had a good amount of lessons in Spanish but did so good!!  Oh yes mom to answer your questions more when we talked on the phone yes even the people that work in the stores speak only a tiny English.  The cash registers  at Wal-mart speak mostly first in us in Spanish to see what language we want to speak then they go from there. If in English the best English they can. But that is only about how the time. In other stores I have had pure Spanish and they don't know a word of   English. Love you so so so so much!! :) It will be an adventure and will be fun. :) I love you guys so much and Love the pictures that you sent!! :)

Hola President Maluenda
This week was a good one.
The Pantoja Family got interviewed and are doing super good to be baptized this up coming week. The Dad won't be getting baptized because he hasn't been able to get off work to come to church. The family is excited and looking good.

Marlen came to church and got interviewed too. She did really good and passed. She will be getting baptized this weekend too.

We had Jose louis move into our area and he was being taught up in Northern Laredo. He came to church and has a Bd for the 28th of this month. He was taught almost everything up there.

We weren't able to find as best as we hoped but we were able to bring Louis to church. Elder Miller will do good here.
Southgate's people were able to come to church but they are building the area to be able to baptize.

I know that the south district will do great with this new area opening help and a ton a change in the district.
Elder Wilding

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