Sunday, March 10, 2013

He sent Pictures!

On most of these pictures I am guessing! I love these ones because they show Kyle is Kyle!
These are his room mates from the MTC! 
Kyle in the MTC was kind obsessed with the color of his eyes!  
A picture from when he first joined the mission field! 
Tiger shirt with someone he lived with in Edinburgh! 
His door in Edinburgh! 
The back of the tiger Shirt! 
Glad to see he is still Kyle! 
A leopard shirt also! 

The back! 
He is just so cute! 
Kyle takes pictures of emails sent to him so that he can read them over and over again! This is what I sent him about our Disney World quotes! 
Him and his Christmas presents! 
This is his companion now! In Laredo, Texas 
I think this is before he leaves Edinburgh!

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