Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Dear, Family I thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!
I want to start out on how I am so grateful for the love and prayers that are sent out to me and my companion like always I want you to pray for my companion also! :) I am so blessed to be a missionary down here in Texas in the best area with my favorite companion (don't tell my others meaahh! jajaja) It is super awesome to celebrate my golden birthday here I am excited!! :) I can feel the prayers for My companion, the people I work with, and me everyday!! I am doing so awesome! So I have a habit that I got from my second mom Julianne and that is that everywhere I got I pick up the loose change off the rode or where even it would be.. MY companion thinks this is so funny and tells my that I look like an old lady picking up the lose change. I love that Kid!! We are so blessed right now miracles are happening everywhere. We are doing so good for the month of march. We haven't had any BD's come for the month of April like people that are preparing to be baptized this day. I love how everyone is getting married crazy!!! That is crazy that Clayton and Jackson might see each other!! The story about the exchange was hard to follow and make since type it again?

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