Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Dear, Family and friends
I just want money to buy something down here and then sent it home I can't think of anything? :) I got the blankets at Wal mart for cheap with the shirts too! Yes I got the cookies and my roomates love them!! Hahaha So funny shorey they are the best... Friday Elder Sandeson says let  us cut our hair and I am thinking ok you can cut mine and he says no you cut it yourself... OH OK COOL.... WAIT by myself I am going to mess up so bad thinking to myself.. HIM NO it will be  fine i"ll show ya it is super easy.. ME in my Head " THis is going to be bad oh no." I have my own clippers that I bough I am am like I can do this this won't be that hard.. SO I start to look for the right size to start on the top... OK LOoking and looking then I find it 6! OK then I turn it on.. Then I start to cut my hair and it Takes out a HUGE CHUNK of my hair!!! I scream like I litte school girl!!! AS the blonde hair falls to the ground like a leaf in Autum on the mountians of Idaho. I saw the number 6 which was the 6mm for the #2!!!! So well I have a huge line of no hair down my head so there goes it all to the floor with all the other blonde golden leafs of hair!! HAHAHA SO I am down bold and ugly o Feo!! WE also got sick again both of us on  tuesday baha crazy still a little sick. We are being super blessed to have a big teaching pool of people that are excited to hear the gospel that is cool that you had the missonaries over. You should see if they need your help to go out to a lesson with them they would love that. We have fun people that we are teaching we HAve a house full of girls with one of them that is a member and they speak spanish and are so funny we call them the releif society. Then we have this awesome part member family the  Mungias and the wife and kids were baptised six months ago and then the Wife moved out and no as the husband is accepting the gospel and is going to be baptised soon it is a mirigle to see the family come back together! Then a LAdy named Santa that  loves church and everything about it and she is so awesome the first time we commited her to church she said well On the this date in April I can't but the other ones I can come! MY companion and I are workin together soo good!! We want to fly into the same airport when we come home.. haha Not making us trunkie or nothin' but ya know. I am dooing good learning and growing every minute of the day!! LOVE YOU TONS!!!
AMor Elder Wilding!!! :)

Dear, President Trayner
This week was super fun like always here in the best mission. We were super excited to hear the information that Elder Sanderson and I are staying together this transfer. Elder Sanderson is doing super good still! ALso working together great also! When fast!
So this week we did super good up untill the end where we forgot to tell all of our investigators about the time change. :(
The House hold that has Melissa, Lupita, Jackie, and then YAmi the member didn't make it to church they forgot the time change and on top of that they woke up late. However, they are doing good we taught the restoration and they know it is true and can see the changes and blessings in their lifes'.
Then we had Brother Mungia that thought he broke his ankle late saturday night left him in bed not being able to walk so well. He is doing good and his family is helping him to feel ready.
We had to drop Sara she didn't come to church again. It is crazy becuase she knows everything is true still keeps her commitments but just don't come to church. We have tried everything to get her to come out.
Santa Cestu is doing super good she came to church and loves everything about it and the people in the Branch. She knows that this is the true church.
Then we found a family of the that is super awesome and prepared but didn't make it to church becuase at the last moment didn't know about the time change.
The time change was our bad but next sunday is going to be much better.

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