Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Dear President Trayner,
We have been doing good with working with the people that we have.
We have been working good with the Robles family. The mom was a little nervous that she wouldn't be ready to be baptized on her date but other than that they are doing good. We have been doing good with having member support with them and we had them pray about the book of Mormon and they received an answer that it is true! They didn't come to church yesterday. They woke up on time but the two daughters took a long time to get ready and were going to be an hour late then Stephany the oldest daughter ripped her pants while feeding the dog on the way out to the car or something like that. So next week we are going to have them pick out their outfits on Saturday night.
We ended up have to drop the Villarreal family there we not willing to act or come to church.
We were very blessed to be working in an area finding when a boy came running up to us from walking home from school. It was Arthuro from a family we were teaching in March but we had to drop them because the Mom was working and going to school so she didn't have enough time but he told us she graduated and stop working to be a stay at home mom. SO we when over and set new Bd's with them and made plans for them to come to church. They came to church and they liked it! They are and awesome family. The mom's name is Anna then she has twines names Anna and Arthuro then she has 2 younger kids Cain who is 5 and Kaytha who is 3.
This week we want to work on finding and keep the 2 families that we have to still be on the path to the Lord.
Amor, Elder Wilding

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