Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

The pictures are super cool. I am trying to send pictures but it keeps crashing the computer so I can't. I don't know whose baby is next to Ruby? Also Tate looks so different and everyone else looks so much older it is crazy. I can't believe Great Grandma is 98 Whoa!! we had an awesome Week this week the best I have ever had my whole mission. Haha Pray for Sister Robles this week would be nice. I can't believe that school is almost out for Melissa crazy!! only 48 days till Indian Creek or something like that that is crazy too. ha Still learning and growing everyday. Micheal I though I was doing super good at growing so man beard when I wake up a shave like "Yeah this is gettin thick" But then lookin at you well not so much. I Might spend just a tinny bit of money to make a hurricane pack I didn't make one last year I didn't have to so I don't have very much to make one. I need you guys to tell me what to write you guys because I forget/ don't know what to write? Opps The weather looks super nice that's good!! well pues entonces I am running out of things to say. I really wanted to send picture but we are at new library that used to be a rec center so sometimes it isn't the best. It has been super hot sometimes you have to take 2 showers a day  because the wind blows most the time with a ton of dust. I love you guys a ton and love the pictures next week I will try again. Thanks for the prayers and love.

Dear President Trayner,
To start out with the Robles Family. They are doing super good they are keeping all their commitments, reading in the book of Mormon, and coming to church. They had their interviews and they all did well. The struggle that we have right now is that the Mom has a fear that she isn't ready for baptism and that she is going to fail after baptism. We had a good lesson with her with a member, that is her friend, and Sister Robles prayed and received an answer that she is ready and that this is what God wants for her family. They even came to a baptism and felt the spirit strong. She still is struggle in her heart to overcome it. We will teach her the plan of Salvation and I know that will dissolve her doubt and she will fell ready.

The Chick family came to church and are progressing really well. This week we really want Anna, the Mom, to receive an answer about the Book of Mormon and then go over the commandments.

Gloria came to church too and is doing well. She is due to have a baby on Thursday but they say it is a little small so they might want to keep it in to grow just a bit according to the doctors. She is progressing well we want to have a couple more lesson with her until she has her baby girl.

We need to work on finding some more people for the month of June to work with. We did alright with find we just want to be better.
Elder Wilding

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