Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Good mornin Family and friends!! how is it going? That is crazy about the earthquakes!!! I will have 40 minutes to talk. I am doing real good done here it has been colder which has been so nice!! I think I got sick from playing in the rain last saturday I was in  bed a thursday with a nasty cough and a headache like the lighting and thunder! Don't remind me of my one year mark that is way to crazy Elder Sanderson and I don't believe it!! ANd Jackson!!!! WIth only six months!! Trust me he just left!!! It feels like eternate for you guys but no for us at all!! We have been having lots of success and growning oprotunity everday! Michael i decided that some how you had a some what of a twin before this life becuase Elder Sanderson loves to tease me just like you in the same manner well in its ways. Elder Sanderson asked me if you would love him or something like that hahaha. I tease him pretty good too. I hope that the family is doing super good and everyone!! Tell Robby I haven't got his announcement! haha I don't know if I told you this but a couple of weeks ago I tried to give a pamflet to a guy that was blind so that he could read it Opps That is we the Lord makes us work in 2 because before I could throw up all the sentence Elder Sanderson hits the Pamflet that was lying in my hand back to my body hand and all  before it totally gets to him opps bahaha!!!!! In my mind his eyes were open so meaning he can see?? But then again he told us before that that   God has been helping him to keep about 10-15 percent vision. Well I should tell you the more spiritual stories but I remember those! :) Love you talk to you soon! Crazy!
Elder Wilding.

Dear President Trayner
Tuvemos una semana muy excitoso. Estabamos tratando para hallar mas person para ensenar.
Con la familia villrreal les tratabamos tener mas amistad entre de la iglesia como miembros presidentes. Solo tuvemos uno leccion con el padre y el esta leyiendo en el libro de Mormon mucho. No fueron a la iglesia ellos fueron a la iglesia catholica pero no creon que les gustaran mucho. Ellos esta progresando desbacio (slower?). Tenemos un plan para utilizar el libro de Mormon y tendremos El orar sobre Ello.
Luego La familia Robles. Les gusta la iglesia demaciado! Tenemos mucho amistad con ellos y fueron a una actividad para la primaria hacer regalos para el dia de los madres esta semana pasada. Y todos esta guardando los compromisos que les dejamos. Es marviosa para ver el cambio con esta familia a traves de un pocito Leche del evangelio.
Encontramos una hermana se llama Dianna y es catolica pero no le gusta la iglesia y ella esta buscando por esperansa por muchos unos. Ella vive sola y es muy preparada.
Estamos trabajando muy bien con nuestros miembros para hallar, tener amistad por nuestros investigatores, y traer mas miembros inactivos al evangelio atra vez.
trabajaremos o sea nos enfocaremos para mantener las personas que tenemos y agregar mas personas nuevas a llgar a conocer este felicidad.
Amor, Elder Wilding

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