Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

I get to stay with Elder Sanderson again I so  pumped!!! I love the kid!! :) So this week we have had awesome storms!! Lighting storms, rain, and thunder!! We were out in the car working when The storm hit. So we had to run by all our investigators to make sure they  were ok to come to church. this is Saturday night. While we were driving up a hill a lighting hit right next to our car about 50  feet away!! It was so bright like a millions angels flashing, dashing, and flying out into our eyes!! The noise was super crazy too!! And of course I yell "That was so awesome!!!!!!" Then we drive to our last person. It is raining so hard!! ON the way home the roads in the far lane started to turn into rivers!! Then we got home early. We run inside then Elder Sandeson asks you want to go play in it???!!!! I said With our clothed?!?! It was About 9:07  so it was dark. SO we took everything out of our pockets and ran outside!! Then Played and luego The other Elder show up with their recent convert and they come out and with David too ( Recent convert) So much fun!!! Then we went to church and we had 6 new people who came!! A family named Robles that is a Mom and her 3 kids! Then other half and family that came. And the oldest daughter in the Robles family named Stefany only knows Spanish from her mom? When anyone else talks to her in Spanish she barely understands. And they have to go to Spanish Church so that is fun. Because they is Spanish Church and English that cover the same area. SO that is interesting. Yes I have colored watches they are cool. It has been cooler it is nice. Yes the sun works on ya down here. Also last night we went to a less active family because they have not been for a while. When we pull up their huge Palm tree was hit by lighting the day before and caught on fire!!! They had a video and pictures  it was crazy!! I love you guys a ton!! Hope you have a good week!! :)

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