Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

I am staying another transfer with Elder Sanderson crazy! Also are whole apartment is staying again wierd. I am glad to hear that Jackson is ok. This in the mission field are changing it is crazy! We are recieving a lot of new sisters which is crazy becuase there are only a few areas that are safe enough for them. We recieved 21 new missionaries and only lost 6 so we are having to open up a lot of new areas! The mission is getting ready to get a new mission president in about 2 months it is coming so fast. I want Knys's email adress! Please and thank you! :) HAs turkey season started? Haha trunky meah. It is so awesome to reflect and to know that everyone in our family is still strong in the faith of our Savior. Que bendicion! We see lots of member families that have been tourn apart and gone astray.  We are working hard down here to bring people to the Lord. As always the problem that fallow is that we can't get them to come to church. However this next week will be different. I am so glad to hear that Clayton is changing and growing the mission will do that. Being out here I know more clearly this is the only way that we can all make it back to heaven is this path or Jesus Christ and through his true church. I know that all the trials that we have, if endured well, will be blessings in disguis. Haha time is flying like no other! les hablare en varios semanas! aaaaaaaaa Mejor no... jaja  I trimmed my hair just a tiny and didn't mess up this time!  I can't think or anything else to say? I am still more out of shape than I have ever been in my life! I get sore over the smallest things!! There is a thing in the mission called six months till sexy. Which is to diet and work out more to look good when you go home. I think I need to start a year one hahah jk. Are recent converts are doing super good and loving the gospel! They are so eger to share to gospel with their friends and their family members it is sweet! :) I love you guys so much keep on being the best you can!

Dear President Trayner,
Staying another transfer with Elder Sanderson! :) I thank you for all the love, help, and council that you have for me and this work, President. :)
We did good this week on finding and having found a prepared family. This week was a better one. The thing that we have not been able to do is to get anyone new to church the past couple of weeks.
The Ladesma family keeps all the comittments except coming to church. Thier car broke down Saturday night or friday? So we had a ride set up for them. But, they didn't come. They are a very prepared family that is the only thing that they are lacking. So are plans are we are going to have a church tour with the family and make sure that they are coming and nothing stops them.
Finding as picked up a lot. Now the big goal and strive is to bring these people to church next week. We are doing good working together and helping eachother out a ton.
Elder Wilding

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